Linguistics and sentence structure

  1. phonetics
    the study of the sounds if lanuage and their physical properites.
  2. phonology
    the analysis of how sounds function in a language or dialect
  3. morphology
    study of the structure of words
  4. semantics
    the study of the meaning in language
  5. syntax
    the study of the structure of sentences
  6. pragmatics
    the role of context in the interpretation of meaning.
  7. declarative sentence
    makes a statement, and tells about a person, place, thing or idea
  8. interrogative sentence
    asks a ?
  9. imperative sentence
    issues a command
  10. exclamatory
    sentence communicates strong ideas or feelings.
  11. conditional sentence
    expresses wishes or conditions contradictory to the fact.
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Linguistics and sentence structure
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