Transference/Resistance Defenitions

  1. What is Transference?
    Is a preconceived superimposition, (ex: relates to the client's feelings to SW/Therapist)
  2. Countertransference
    Is a reaction. Feelings inducted in an individual if he or she is the focus of a transference. (SW's felings about the client)
  3. Subjective Countertransference:
    Is Determined by the person's history and their own experiences.
  4. Objective Countertransferences:
    Feelings inducted by the patient that anyone would have.
  5. Countertransference Resistance
    Becomes a resistance when it blocks our functioning. Recognizing it is the first step, then study it until you understand it.  We need to reduce our being governed by transference and countertransference feelings.  We need to be guided by reality reactions and not distortions from our personal history.
  6. What is Resistance
    Spotnitz defines resistance as "an immature method of functioning" with its origin in defenses charged with transference.  Resistance behaviors are communications which disclose early objects relations. Resistances so as ward off experiencing painful feelings.
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Transference/Resistance Defenitions
Transference/Resistance Defenitions