Agro Test 1 (Lecture)

  1. Ecology
    The study of the relationships of living things to their environment and to each other
  2. Agroeology
    The study of specific relationships of crops and farm animals to their environments and each other
  3. Ecosystem
    Total interaction between all organisms that live in as area with each other and enviornment
  4. Agroecosystem
    Total interaction between crops and farm animals and their environment with a farming/ranching operation
  5. What are biotic factors?
    Factors that affect our crops that are living
  6. What are examples of biotic factors?
    Weeds, microorganisms, and other animals
  7. What are Abiotic factors?
    nonliving entities of a system
  8. What are some examples of abiotic factors?
    soil,water, temperature
  9. Range of Tolerance
    Each species can only tolerate a narrow range of temperatures
  10. Your goal as a producer is to what?
    Gain optimum range, the value best suited for the species
  11. Your goal as a producer is to reduce what?
    Stress, occurs when environmental values are less than optimal
  12. Agroecosystem is one managed by?
  13. Natural Ecosystem is one managed by what?
    Nothing, it is left alone
  14. Closed ecosystems
    The ecosystem is self-sustaining, nutrients are recycled, and there are no outside influences
  15. Open ecosystems are also known as?
    Agroecosystems, managed by man
  16. Monoculture means what?
    To grow only one species, and requires a great expenditure of energy to maintain
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