Adolescent Test 2

  1. Generation Gap
    The popular phrase for the alleged conflict between young people and adults over values and attitudes
  2. Self-fulfilling prophecy
    The idea that individuals' behavior is influenced by others' expectations for them
  3. Family systems theory
    A perspective on family functioning that emphasizes interconnection among different family relationships (such as marital, parent-child, sibling)
  4. Midlife crisis
    A psychological crisis over identity believed to occur between the ages of 35 and 45, the age range most of adolescents' parents
  5. Generational dissonance
    Divergence of views between adolescents and parents that is common in families of immigrant parents and American-born adolesccents
  6. Parental responsiveness
    One of the two important dimensions of parenting; _______ refers to the degree to which the parent responds to the child's needs in an accepting, supportive manner
  7. Parental demandingness
    One of the two important dimensions of parenting; ____ refers to the degree to which the parent expects and insists on mature, responsible behavior from the child
  8. Authoritative parents
    Parents who use warmth, firm control, and rational, issue-oriented discipline, in which emphasis is places on the development of self-direction
  9. Authoritarian parents
    Parents who use punitive, absolute, and forceful discipline, and who place a premium on obedience and conformity
  10. Indulgent parents
    parents who are characterized by responsiveness but low demandingness, and who are mainly concerned with the child's happiness
  11. Indifferent parents
    Parents who are characterized by low levels of both responsiveness and demandingness
  12. BehavioralĀ genetics
    The scientific study of genetic influences on bahvior
  13. Shared environmental influences
    Non-genetic influences that make individuals living in the same family similar to one another
  14. Non-shared environmental influences
    The non-genetic influences individuals' lives that make them different from people they live with
  15. Sibling rivalry
    Competition between siblings; often for parental attention
  16. Sibling deidentification
    The process through which siblings deliberately try to be different from each other
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