ss unit 3

  1. free state
    a state that does not allow slavery before the civil war
  2. slave state
    a state that allowed to have slavies before the civil war
  3. fugitive
    someone who escapes from the law
  4. underground railroad
    a system of secret escape routes that led to enslaved people to free land
  5. secede
    to leave
  6. civil war
    a war that is between the same country
  7. emancipate
    to free
  8. assassinate
    to murder in a sudden or secret attack
  9. reconstructed
    rebuilding the south after the civil war
  10. freedmen
    men,women,and children who had been unslaved
  11. reservation
    land set aside by the government for use of the native americans
  12. transcontinental railroad
    the first railroad to cross america
  13. skyscraper
    a building that seem to touch the sky
  14. tenement
    poorly built apartments
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