History Chap 7

  1. Nationalism
    National Pride and loyalty.
  2. James Monroe
    • From Virginia.
    • President.
  3. Rush-Bagot Agreement
    • 1817.
    • Between America and Britain.
    • They promised to limit their naval presence on the great lakes to a few armed ships.
  4. Convention of 1818
    • Said that both US and Brittan could fish in the waters between the US and Canada.
    • Said they would jointly occupy the Oregon Country for 10 years.
  5. Luis de Onis
    • Spanish Diplomat.
    • Tried to negotiate the sale of Florida to John Quincy Adams (and America).
  6. Adams-Onis Treaty
    • 1819.
    • Spain gave up east Florida to the U.S.
    • Negotiated by Adams and Onis.
  7. Simon Bolivar
    • From Venezuela
    • Helped win it's independence from spain.
  8. Monroe Doctorine
    • Created by president Monroe.
    • He vowed not to interfere with any existing european colonies in latin america.
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