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  1. Three ways you are made in the image of God
    • God gives us the gifts of 
    • our soul
    • our intellect
    • our free will
  2. Soul
    our spiritual principle, it is immortal and it is what makes us most like God. Our soul is created by God, and he unites it with our physical body at the moment of conception. The soul is the seat of human consciousness and freedom.
  3. Intellect
    the divine gift that gives us the ability to see and understand the order of things that God places within creation and to know and understand God through the created order
  4. Free will
    the gift from God that allows human beings to choosde from among various actions, for which we are held accountable; the basis for moral responsibility
  5. Original sin
    • the sin of the first human beings, who disobeyed GOd's command by choosing to follow their own will and so lost their original holiness and became subject to death
    • the fallen state of human nature that affects every person born into the world
  6. original holiness
    the original state of human beings in their relationship with God, sharing in the divine life in full communion with him
  7. Original Justice
    the state of complete harmony that our first parents had with their inner self, with each other, and with all creation
  8. Concupiscence
    the inclination towards sin caused by the effects of original sin
  9. Salvation History
    the pattern of specific salvific events in human history that reveal God's presence and saving actions
  10. Paschal Mystery
    how Jesus saves us from sin and death through his suffering, death, Resurrection, and Ascension
  11. Beatitude
    our vocation as Christians, the goal of our existence. It is true blessedness or happiness that we experience partially here on earth and perfectly in heaven
  12. justification
    process by which God frees us from sin and sanctifies us
  13. Sanctification
    the process of becoming closer to God and growing in holiness, taking on the righteousness of Jesus Christ with the gift of sanctifying grace
  14. Merit
    God's reward to those who love him and follow Christ's Law of Love
  15. Morality
    the doctrine or system by which actions are judged to be good or evil
  16. Vocation
    God's calling for us in our lives that will lead us to holiness
  17. Ecumenical
    Christians of different faith traditions coming together
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