Unit 7

  1. the formated things of a parenthetical citation
    •                   TITLE by Author
    •    paragraph.............................................
    • (Author, Page number). In other ..................
  2. any time you use quotes ans pharaphrase in report you use.
    works cited
  3. how should work cited look on oyu report
    • 2 in page break
    •                   WORKS CITED (a must)
    •                           (ts)
    • A (last name, first name.) bla bla bla bla
    • 1/2 bla bla bla bla
    •         (ds)
    • B bla bla bla bla...
    • Note: make sure you do them in aphabetical order
  4. what is key as a cover for the report
    title page
  5. how should a cover page be
    • all caps
    • all centered
    • ds
  6. is a presentation of text or numbers in a colums and rows
  7. show an example of a basic table
    •                            TITLE
    •                              (ts) 
    •                    body  1/2''  body
  8. what are the additional things to add to a table
    •                          TITLE
    •                           (ds)
    •                         Subtitle (In. CAPs) 
    •                            (ts)
    •   Column Heading            Column Heading
    •          (ds)                              (ds)
    •          body                             body
    •                            (ss)
    • Score notes:(Source:{exact}) Bla of Bla, YY.
    •                            (ds)
  9. what do you do when you have numbers in columns
    they are right justification
  10. when you do tables with number and there is a total what do you do
    • Column Heading           Column Heading
    •         (ds)                              (ds)
    •         body                            number
    •                             (ds)
    •                     Total                Number
    • Scource:....
  11. when useing points like 3.1 2.1 what justification do you use in the column
  12. what is the margin for a bound report
    1/1/2 for tje left margin the re as unbound
  13. a report that is placed in a folder
    bound reports
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