VOP final exam

  1. What type of folder and where will a clients medical records be kept?
    manila folder in a metal file cabinet in the front desk
  2. what will the clients information page on page one of the medical records include? (6 items)
    • contact info
    • address 
    • telephone info
    • pager numbers
    • email address
    • notes on clients requests
  3. what 9 items are included on the patient form in a medical record?
    • patient name
    • species
    • breed 
    • sex (if neutered or intact )
    • age
    • weight
    • vaccination history
    • heartworm med status
    • idiocyncrasies
  4. name as many as possible of the 23 forms and documents that will be found in a patients medical record:
    • appointment form
    • request for release of med records
    • progress notes
    • dental charts
    • pet dental record
    • physical exam report
    • boarding release form
    • pre anesthetic blood testing consent form
    • patient data form
    • patient and client information form
    • authorisation for treatment form
    • hospital and surgery realease forms
    • vaccination certification
    • castration and OVH certificate
    • euthenasia release form
    • procedure estimate
    • animal report card
    • international health certificate
    • microchip and tattoo from (CKC)
    • pet insurance forms
    • x-ray release forms
    • lab requisition form
  5. when transferring a medical record what needs to take place?
    a consent form musy br completed and signed by client/owner and by the vet
  6. when arranging an appointment what should you do first?
    identify the hospital and yourself, followed by the first question when was your pet last here?
  7. when booking appointments for existing clients what should you do?
    record basic info, clients name number pets name species and reason for coming in. before ending confirm the appointment by stating that you will see them on the appt date and the specific time.
  8. when booking appts for new clients what can you do?
    if time permits start to fill out the client information forms before they come in also request they bring in any copies of patient records, vccination receipts and health insurance policies with them
  9. what 4 variables should be considered when determining the length of a appointment?
    • the number of pets being examined
    • volume of information being sought by client
    • complexity of medical problem
    • speed at which the technologist or dr works
  10. what does ten minute flex scheduling mean?
    that a hour is broken into 6 ten minute units per hour and that gives the VOA more flexability when scheduling estimated times for various types of appointments
  11. what is a walk in client?
    walk in clients are clients that come into the clinic with their pet and what to be seen by the dr in the exam room as normal but have not pre called ahead of time to make an appointment.
  12. when do most surgical admission gets checked in?
    the morning of the day they are scheduled to have there surgery
  13. if a client has a potentially aggressive or contagious dog what is the protocol?
    leave them in there vehicles, they should then check in with the VOA before bringing their pets into the reception area, once the exam room is available they will be escorted directly in.
  14. what are the 5 steps you should follow when a client arrives at the clinic?
    • greet all clients and animals by name
    • ensure basic client informtion on file is correct
    • for new clients have them fill out forms
    • if there will be a delay let the waiting patients know
    • if the amount of time is going to be extended offer a appt change later on that day or to re schedule
  15. if a patients file goes missing what is the protocol?
    stay calm and start a new file temporarily explain that once the file is found the information will be transferred
  16. on admission of a patient what are steps A-D?
    A- check information has been recorded such as name, procedure, medication lists, date of admission and a description of reasons they are coming to the vet

    B-have the client fill in all necessary forms

    C-once client has dropped off animal companion suggest times for client that would be best to call

    D-review the deposit and payment policies of animal hospital prior to admission
  17. Discharges Steps A-E?
    A-keep pet in back out of sight until client  has completed payment 

    B-check to ensure vet has spoken in person or on phone prior to discharge

    C-Ask client if they have any additional questions

    D-make sure all medications are properly labled and prepared. if client has any questions on medication

    E-if required schedule re checks in the appointment book
  18. what is a daily census report?
    a form completed by all staff that is intended to provide you with all the information you need on a patient and the status of all patients in the hospital
  19. what are the 9 general steps with the census report?
    1-fresh census report each morning

    2-date, filll in client and patients names

    3-have form ready for drs morning rounds

    4-the dr will fill in information that will be relyed to clients if and when they call

    5. depended on what the talk to column says arrange appropriate consultation or appointment

    6-if spoken to client, initial in talked to dr column

    7-names of callers who dr wants to speak to should be put on the sheet as the day goes on

    8-medication notes will be placed in the medicine columns

    9-voa is responsible for making sure the techs and drs complete the sensus form
  20. what is AVP?
    similar to cosco a place where many products are in one place from different suppliers
  21. explain how to make the appt for euthenasia?
    speak in calm sympathetic tones, do not influence rather be supportive and offer to talk with the vet before making there decision
  22. what is convenience euthanasia?
    is one performed for reasons other than health, such as owner is no longer able to care for, moving or it just isnt working out.
  23. when should you schedule a euthanasia appointment?
    at a quiet time of the day when there are few other clients or pets around, once the client has arrived move them to a quiet exam room right away
  24. give four ways of creating a safe and enviroment in the front office
    • 1-ensure all dogs are on leashes
    • 2-cats reptiles and other animals are in cages
    • 3-if overly aggressive pets then ask to wait in cars or take them outside while they wait for theyre appointment
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