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    • Achalasia
    • Abnormal condition characterized by the inability of a muscle, particularly the cardiac sphinter of the stomach
  1. Achlorhydria
    Abnormal condition characterized by absence of hydrochloric acid in the gastric secretiions
  2. Anastomosis
    Surgical joining of two ducts or blood vessels to allow flow from one to the other
  3. cachexia
    General ill health and malnutrition marked by weakness and emaciation
  4. Carcinoembryonic antigen
    Oncofetal glycoprotein antigen found in colonic adenocarcinoma
  5. Dehiscence
    Partial or complete separation of a surgical incision or rupture of a wound care
  6. Dumping syndrome
    Rapid gastric emptying causing distention if duodenum
  7. Dysphagia
    Difficulty swallowing
  8. evisceration
    Protrusion of an internal organ through a disrupted wound or surgical incision
  9. Hematemesis
    Vomiting blood
  10. Volvulus
    Twisting of the bowel on itself, causing intestinal obstruction
  11. Tenesmus
    Persistant ineffectual spasms of the rectum ir bladder accompanied by the desire to empty the bowel or bladder
  12. Stoma
    Combining form meaning a mouth or opening
  13. Steatorrhea
    Excessive fat in the feces
  14. Remission
    Decrease in the severity of a disease or any of its symptoms
  15. Pathoghomonic
    Sign or symptom specific to a disease or condition
  16. Paralytic ileus
    Most common intestinal obstruction decrease in or absence of peristalsis and bowel sounds after abdominal surgery
  17. Occult blood
    Blood that is hidden or obscured from view
  18. Lumen
    Space within an artery, vein, intestine or tube such as a needle or catheter
  19. Melena
    Abnormal black tarry stools containing digest blood
  20. Leukoplakia
    White patch in the mouth or on the tongue
  21. Intussusception
    Infolding of one segment of the intestine into the lumen of another segment
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