SAT 4-2

  1. antiseptic
    adj. free from germs; thoroughly clean; n. a substance that inhibits the growth of germs
  2. epidemic
    n. rapid spread or growth, esp. of disease or things metaphorically seen as diseases
  3. epidemiology
    n. the branch of medicine that studies the causes, spread, and control of disease in populations
  4. immune
    adj. not subject to an obligation imposed on others; not affected by an influence
  5. palliate
    v. to lessen the pain or severity
  6. placebo
    n. something presented as a drug, but having no actual effect
  7. resuscitate
    v. to revive, esp. from apparent death or unconsciousness
  8. scalpel
    n. a small straight knife used in surgery
  9. suture
    n. the surgical method used to close a wound or join tissue
  10. torso
    n. the trunk of the human body
  11. absolute
    v. to free from guilt or blame
  12. allude
    v. to refer to indirectly
  13. annul
    v. to make void or invalid
  14. aspiration
    n. a strong desire for achievement
  15. assert
    v. to state confidently
  16. augur
    v. to predict
  17. cleave
    v. to split with a cheap instrument; to cling
  18. concordance
    n. an index of significan words and the phrases containing them in a book
  19. console
    v. to ease the sorrow or grief of
  20. constitute
    v. to make up the parts of; to compose
  21. correlate
    v. to correspond; to be mutually related
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