UofH KOR402 VOCAB Chapter 14

  1. 가능하게 하다
    to make a matter possible
  2. 가능하다
    to be possible, practicable
  3. 간격
    gap; discrepancy
  4. 간주되다
    to be considered
  5. 간주하다
    to deem; to consider
  6. 강조하다
    to emphasize
  7. 개혁
    reform; innovation
  8. 사회 개혁
    socail reform
  9. 격차
    gap; difference
  10. 결정되다
    to be decided
  11. 결정하다
    to decide
  12. 경험
  13. 공약하다
    to pledge; to make a public commitment
  14. 공약을 지키다 / 공약을 어기다
    to keep public pledges / to break public pledges
  15. 과외
    private tutoring; extracurricular work
  16. 과외 공부
    out-of-school studies
  17. 과외 수업
    extracurricular lesson
  18. 교문
    school gate
  19. 교외 지역
    suburb area
  20. 교육 재정
    education budget
  21. 교육 재정의 삭감
    reduction of the education budget
  22. 교육관
    view on education
  23. 교훈
    lesson; moral
  24. 교훈적인
  25. 교훈을 주다
    to give a lesson to
  26. 군비 경쟁
    arms race
  27. 궁극적으로
    ulitmately; finally
  28. 균형
  29. 균형 잡힌
    to be well balanced
  30. 균형 잡힌 몸매
    well-balanced body
  31. 그만두다
    to stop; discontinue; cease; desist
  32. 극단적이다
    to be extreme
  33. 극성스럽다
    to be frantic; impatient; impetuous
  34. 극성스러운 우리 엄마
    my mom who is too much
  35. 기대
  36. 기초적인
    fundamental; basic
  37. 기초 (적인) 문법
    basic grammar
  38. 깨닫다
    to realize; see; perceive; become aware of; understand
  39. 노출
  40. 능력
    ability; capacity; competency
  41. 단절
    cutting off; separation
  42. 단절하다
    to cut off
  43. 단절되다
    to be cut off
  44. 당면하다
    to face; to confront (immediately)
  45. 당면한 문제
    immediate problem (concern; issue)
  46. 도장
    seal; stamp
  47. 독해력
    reading comprehension ability
  48. 두뇌
  49. 두뇌가 명석한 사람
    bright person
  50. 뒤쳐지다
    to fall (lag) behind
  51. 들다
    to need; cost; require
  52. 시간이 드는
  53. 비용이 얼마가 들더라도
    at any cost; regardless of expense
  54. 마약
    drug; narcotic
  55. 마약을 밀매하다
    to sell drugs
  56. 마약에 중독되다
    to be addicted to drugs/narcotics
  57. 명문대
    prestigious university
  58. 미치다
    to go crazy
  59. 벌어지다
    be wide open; crack open; widen; have a margin; differ from
  60. 보수적이다
    to be conservative
  61. 보수적인 생각
    conservative thought (idea)
  62. 분명하다
    to be clear; obvious; vivid
  63. 비용
    expenditure; expense
  64. 그것은 많은 비용이 든다
    It costs a lot.
  65. 비판적
  66. 비판적인 사고
    critical thought
  67. 빌다
    to wish; to pray
  68. 행운을 빈다
     Good luck
  69. 사고
    thinking; thought
  70. 사고 방식
    one's way of thinking
  71. 상상
    imagination; fancy
  72. 상주 인구
    permanent residents (in an area)
  73. 성공
    success; achievement; hit
  74. 성적
    academic record or achievement
  75. 성취도
    achievement rate
  76. 수강하다
    to take courses (at a university)
  77. 수입
    income; earnings; revenue; proceeds
  78. 수학
  79. 시각
    viewpoint; perspective; view
  80. 실력
    real ability; capability
  81. 실정
    real situation; actual circumstances; real state of affairs
  82. 실패하다
    to fail; to end in failure
  83. 악몽
  84. 암기
    learning by heart; memorizing; memorization
  85. 우려
    worry; concern; fear
  86. 우려하다
    to worry
  87. 우려할 (만한) 사태
    serious situation
  88. 우수하다
    to be excellent; superior
  89. 위기
    crisis; critical moment; critical situation
  90. 위험
    danger, peril
  91. 위험하다
    to be dangerous
  92. 위험을 무릅쓰다
    to take a risk
  93. 유출
    outflow; spillage; effluence
  94. 유출하다
    to flow out
  95. 두뇌 유출
    brain drain
  96. 유학
    studying abroad; studying overseas
  97. 의미하다
    to mean; to signify; to imply
  98. 이마
  99. 인근
  100. 인근 대학
    nearby university
  101. 인식
  102. 일반인
    the public; general people
  103. 일자리
    job; position; employment
  104. 입시
    entrance exam
  105. 입시 철
    entrance exam season
  106. 대학 입시 철
    university entrance exam season
  107. 장래
    the future; the time to come
  108. 장래의
  109. 밝은 장래
    bright future
  110. 장래의 아내
    one's future wife
  111. 장래의 계획을 세우다
    to make one's plans for the future
  112. 장점
    strong points; merits; advantage
  113. 장점과 단점
    merits and demerits; good points and bad points
  114. 장차
    in the future; someday
  115. 재산세
    property tax
  116. 재정
    budget; finances
  117. 적응하다
    to adjust; to fit; to suit; in accord with
  118. 전문대학
    technical college
  119. 전혀
    (not) at all
  120. 정규 신입생
    regular freshman
  121. 제공하다
    to provide; offer; present
  122. 주민
    resident; inhabitant; dweller
  123. 주입식
    cramming method (in teaching)
  124. 주입식 교육
    cramming education
  125. 증액
    increasing the amount
  126. 교육 재정 증액
    increasing the education budget
  127. 지원
    support; aid; backup
  128. 지출 경쟁
    competition in spending
  129. 직전
    just before
  130. 진학
    attending a school or university
  131. 찍다
    to stamp (a seal)
  132. 차등화
    differentiation; gradation
  133. 차등화된 교육
    differentiated (discriminated) education
  134. 천차만별
    infinite variety
  135. 천차만별의 사람
    all sorts of people
  136. 총기
  137. 최근
    recent; recently; the latest
  138. 치다
    to take / to undergo an exam
  139. 편입
    transfer from on school to another
  140. 편입생
    transfer student
  141. 학업 성취도
    academic achievement rate
  142. 학원
    private academy; tutoring / cramming school
  143. 학위
    university degree
  144. 학위 논문
    thesis for a degree
  145. 학위를 받다
    to be granted a degree
  146. 학창
    campus; school
  147. 학창 시절
    one's schooldays
  148. 학창 생활
    school life
  149. 해외
    overseas; foreign country
  150. 허용하다
    to allow; to permit
  151. 확산
    spread; dissemination
  152. 핵 확산
    spread of nuclear arms; nuclear proliferation
  153. 핵 확산 금지 조약
    nuclear non-proliferation treaty
  154. 확산되다
    to be expanded
  155. 확산하다
    to expand
  156. 훼손되다
    to be damaged; to be ruined
  157. 훼손하다
    to damage; to ruin
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