Chapter 9

  1. T or F:

    Servers can cotaminate food simply by handling the food-contact surface of the plate
  2. Under what conditions can you hold cold food without temperature control?
    • 1. It must be held at 41°F or lower before removing it from refrigeration
    • 2. Label with the time you removed it from refrigeration & the time you must discard it
    • 3. Make sure it does not exceed 70°F while it is being served
    • 4. Sell, serve, or discard w/in 6 hrs
  3. What can you reserve from another customer?
    Only unopened, prepackaged food, such as condiment packets, wrapped crackers, etc.
  4. Sneeze guards should be ____ inches above the food counter and the shield should extend ____ inches beyond the food
    14, 7
  5. T or F:

    You should encourage customers to take a clean plate for return trips to the food bar.
  6. What type of containers should you be using for off-site deliveries?
    Insulated food containers that are capable of maintaining food at 135°F or higher or 41°F or lower.
  7. Store raw & ready-to-eat foods _____
  8. If leftovers are given to customers, how should this be handled?
    • 1. Provide instructions on storage & reheating
    • 2. Discard date clearly labeled
  9. What can be done to minimize contamination in self-service areas?
    • 1. Do not allow customers to reuse dirty plates
    • 2. Protect food on display with sneeze guards or food shields
    • 3. Assign an employee to replenish food-bar items & hand out fresh plate & silverware
    • 4. Identify all food items on display
    • 5. Keep raw meat, seafood, & poultry separate from ready-to-eat food
  10. What hazards are associated with the transportation of food & how can they be prevented?
    • 1. Use insulated containers that can maintain 135°F (or hotter) or 41°F (or colder).
    • 2. Clean & sanitize the inside of delivery vehicles
    • 3. Check internal food temperatures regularily
    • 4. Enforce good personal hygiene for employees
    • 5. Keep raw & ready-to-eat products separate
  11. What are the requirements for using time rather than temperature as the only method of control when holding ready-to-eat food?

    1. Cold Food
    2. Hot food
    1. a)Was held at 41°F or lower prior to removal from refrigeration, b) it does not exceed 70°F during 6 hours, c)It has a label specifying both when removed from refrigeration & when it must be discarded, & d) It must be sold, served, or discarded within 6 hours

    2. a)Was held at 135°F or higher prior to removal from temperature control, b)It has a label that specifies when it is to be discarded, & c) It must be sold, served, or discarded within 4 hours
  12. What practices should be followed to serve food safely off-site?
    • 1) Protect it from toime-temperature abuse
    • 2) Make sure employees practice good personal hygiene
    • 3) Ensure there is potable water for drinking, dishwashing, & handwashing
    • 4) Check internal food temperatures regularily
    • 5) Label food with storage, shelf-life, and reheating instructions for wmployees at off-site locations
    • 6) Provide food safety guidelines for consumers
    • 7) Ensure there is adequate power for holding & cooing equipment
    • 8) Provide adequate garbage storage & disposal away from food prep & serving areas
  13. When serving, it is important to avoid touching the _____ of a plate

  14. Serving utensils should be used to serve a maximum of _____ food items at a time

  15. At what maximum internal temperture should cold TCS food be held?

  16. When returning to self-service lines for more food, customers should not _____ their dirty plates.

  17. At what minimum internal temperature should hot TCS food be held?

  18. Where allowed, hot TSC food can be held without temperature control for a maximum of ____ hours before being sold, served, or discarded

  19. T or F:

    Cold TCS food must be held at an internal temperature of 41°F or lower
  20. T or F:

    Hot TCS food must be held at an internal temperature of 120°F or higher
  21. T or F:

    Chicken salad can be held at room temperature if it has a label specifying it must be discarded after eight hours
  22. T or F:

    When hold TCS food for service, the internal temperature must be checked at least every 4 hours
  23. T or F:

    Servers can contaminate food by simply be handling the food-contact surface of a plate
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