Unit 6

  1. what are the differnece from block style then a normal letter
    the date and the closing lines are keyed in the horizontal center 3 tabs
  2. what is the things in  a simplified bock style
    • Date (6 return)
    • Mailing adrees (3 return)
    • Subjectline All CAPS (3 return)
    • body (Every paragraph ds)
    • Last paragraph (5 return)
    • Writers name and title (ds)
    • Initials References
  3. is used when the document produced will not be placed in a binder, folder, or be bound in a permanent manner.
    unbound report form
  4. give the info you put in a unbound report form
    • all margins are 1 in
    • title (is centered 2 in from top all CAPS)
    • Folloing title ts
    • body is ds throughout
  5. on the first page of a multiple page report where do you put the page number
    • bottom
    • centered
    • 1 inch margin
  6. on the second page wher eshould the page number be
    • top
    • i in.
    • centered
  7. how many spaces should be after page number
  8. what do you put in with unbound reports with side headdings
    • left margin
    • ALL CAPS
    • on a line with no  txt
    • ds aboce and below
  9. in a unbound report how do you format the paragrah headings
    • initial caps
    • itilisized
    • on paragraph line with period
  10. what are the letter style
    • Modified block Style
    • Simplified Block Style
    • Unbound report form
  11. Put the basic info information on paper for Modifed Block Style
    Image Upload 1
  12. put the basic info for the Simplified Block Style
    Image Upload 2
  13. Put the infor for the Unbound Report Form and what you can add to the report
    Image Upload 3
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Unit 6
Letter Styles and Unbound Reports