small office internet connection

  1. What does SDM stand for?
    Security Device Manager
  2. What O/S runs first when powering up an SDM device for the first time?
    SDM express
  3. What steps must you use to first configure your SDM device?
    • 1.  Connect crossover cable to gigabit 0/0 to nic on your pc.
    • 2.  set your PC ip addrss to
    • 3.  open web browser to
  4. What is the default username and password for your SDM device?
    cisco and cisco
  5. What is level_15 access?
    Same as Privileged Exec Mode.
  6. Can PAT be configured using SDM express interface?
  7. Does SDM full support PAT?
  8. Do you need to configure a default route for SDM devices?
  9. How do you test internet connectivity usined the SDM interface?
    • 1.  At the SDM home page, click the monitor button at the top
    • 2.  click the interface status
    • 3.  In the list of interfaces, choose the interface that has internet connectivity
    • 4.  click the test connection button
  10. What button do we click to access the DHCP settings?
    Additional Tasks
  11. What steps should you take when configuring a new switch?
    • Configure an IP address and subnet mask
    • default gateway
    • apply passwords
    • restrict remote access to SSH
  12. What port do we use to configure a switch for the first time?
    Console port
  13. What type of cable is used to configure a switch for the first time?
    Console cable
  14. What settings do we use when establishing a connection with a switch through the colsole port?
    • baud = 9600
    • data bits = 8
    • stops bits = 1
    • no parity
    • Flow Control os Off
  15. What commands are used to configure your switch for first time use?
    • interface vlan1
    • ip address [ip address] [subnet mask]
    • no shut
    • exit
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small office internet connection
small office internet connection