Health Status

  1. Health Status
    An individual or a populations overall health, taking into account various aspects such as life expectancy,amount of disability and levels of disease risk factors.
  2. Mortality
    Refers to the number of deaths in a population caused by particular disease,illness or other environmental factor
  3. Morbidity
    Refers to ill health in an individual and the levels of ill health in a population or group
  4. Burden of disease
    A measure of the impact of diseases and injuries, specifically it measures the gap between current health status and an ideal situation where everyone lives to an old age free of disease and disability. Burden of disease is measured in a unit called the DALY
  5. Prevalence
    The number or proportions of cases of a particular disease or condition present at a given time
  6. Incidence
    The number or rate of new cases of a particular condition during a specific time
  7. Health Adjusted Life Expectancy (HALE)
    A measure of burden of disease based on life expectancy at birth, but including an adjustment for time spent in poor health. It is the number of years in full health a person can expect to live, based on current rates of ill health and mortality
  8. Life Expectancy
    An indication of how long a person can expect to live, it is the number of years of life remaining to a parson at a particular age if death rates do not change.
  9. Years of Life Lost (YLL)
    The fatal burden of disease of a population, defined as the years of life lost due to death
  10. Years of life lost due to disability (YLD)
    Measures how many years of health life lost as a result of non fatal health conditions
  11. Disability Adjusted Life Year (DALY)
    A measure of burden of disease, one DALY equals one year of healthy life lose to premature death and time lived with illness, disease or injury
  12. Under 5 Mortality Rates
    The number of deaths of children under 5 years of age per 1000 live births
  13. Maternal Mortality Rates
    Measures of number of deaths of women during pregnancy or childbirth
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