e&e power system

  1. in the dc power supply system, the delta wound secondaries on the internal transformer in the TR unit are used to provide a more stable
    current output
  2. the auxiliary source selected to power the tie bus in the APU is determined by the
  3. the CSD that is used to drive a 60/80 KVA generator has an output of approximately
    8,000 RPM
  4. the transformer rectifier units in a DC power system convert three-phase 115vac into
    10 to 12 VDC
  5. during normal operation, the RCR in a DC power supply system is energized by the
    TR units
  6. what circuit in the GCU in an AC power supply system isolates shorted or open generator phase leads?
    neutral current sensing
  7. in an AC power supply system, the component that controls load dividion during parallel enerator operation is the
    load controller
  8. when troubleshooting a problem ( external power will not come on line and the ready light is not on), the first thing you should do is
    do an operational check to verify the problem
  9. in an AC power supply system, what component connects the 115/200 VAC main generator output to the main power buses?
  10. the USS on the 60/80 KVA generator CSD actuatesat
    365 Hz
  11. on the external power system, when the ohmmeter shows an infinity reading on an external power receptacle, between the points where control voltage leaves the bus protection panel and returns
    there is an open in the loop
  12. what external power system component disconnects external power from the aircraft?
  13. which emergency AC power system component prevents the emergency generator from dropping off line when the aircraft lands?
  14. int he dc power supply system, the RCR deenergizes the potential at the
    GEN terminal is less than the BAT terminal
  15. which emergency AC power system component connects the output of the emegency generator to the essential bus?
  16. what is the cause of a normal battery not charging, when the DC power supply system is operating and the battery switch is in the NORMAL position
    open normal battery relay
  17. at what voltage range does the GCU in an AC power supple system maintain generator output?
    115 (+or -2) VAC
  18. if the no. 1 generator will not come on line and the voltmeter readings are 28 VDC at the GCS(gen cont switch), 28 VDC at the input to the GLC (gen line contactor) andd 28 VDC at the ground of the GLC, the most likely cause is
    an open GLC ground
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e&e power system