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  1. When dealing with locomotives that have special instructions pertaining to shutting them down, how should they be shut down?
    Follow the shutdown instuctions inside the cab.
  2. When starting an engine what order should you do so?
    • Start in the CAB.
  3. What is required when a locomotive displays HOT ENGINE and LOW WATER?
    Do nothing, and contact the Mechanical desk.
  4. GS-10 When should you look both ways while on or about tracks?
    • When getting ON and/or OFF equipment.
    • When moving UNDER or BETWEEN equipment.
    • When throwing a SWITCH.
  5. What to do inside the cab to start an engine?
    • (IBBFFmu)
    • Isolation switch,
    • Battery knife,
    • Breakers,
    • Fuse,
    • Fuel control pump,
    • MU switch is NOT pressed.
  6. What should be checked in the engine room?
    • 3 fluid levels,
    • any PROTECTIVE DEVICES (except crankcase over pressure).
  7. How can all locomotives be shutdown at once in the case of an emergency?
    • By pressing the MU SHUTDOWN button,
    • or placing THROTTLE IN STOP.
  8. Where is the MU button normally located on locomotive with desk top control?
    Over head of the console.
  9. What are the steps to add water?
    • Check water sight glass.
    • If engine is running shut it down, and wait FOUR minutes.
    • Make sure water in sight glass is not rising.
    • Hold pressure release valve for ONE minute.
    • If water is not discharging, fill it up
  10. When a locomotive is in #8 how long should you wait to shut it down?
    30 minutes.
  11. When shutting down, what is the one circuit that has to be left open on all locomotives?
  12. If the temp is 15 degrees or less what should be done?
    • Center the reverser.
    • Turn the generator field down.
    • Place throttle in #3.
  13. What is the max time to crank when starting a locomotive?
    30 seconds.
  14. On EMD where is low water and crankcase overpressure located?
    Front, left.
  15. On EMD where is the governor located?
    Front, center.
  16. One EMD where is the over speed located?
    Behind the governor.
  17. On EMD where is the fuel sight glass located?
    Front, right.
  18. On GE where is the crankcase overpressure located?
    Left, rear.
  19. On GE where is the governor located?
    Right, rear.
  20. On GE where is the overspeed located?
    Right, rear.
  21. GS-8  What are the 2 things required of PPE?
    Approved and Appropriate ppe.
  22. GS-12  When getting on/off equipment what should you do?
    • Scan the area to make certain it is clear of hazards.
    • Before getting off equipment stop at the bottom step or ladder rung to observe where to place your feet.
    • Dismount equipment in an area with solid footing.
    • Maintain 3 points of contact.
  23. Where is the fuel pressure gauge found?
    At the Start Station.
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