editing definitions test5

  1. Repartee
    a quick, witty reply
  2. Resonate
    to evoke a feeling of shared emotion or belief
  3. Reticent
    habitually silent or uncommunicative; reserved; taciturn
  4. Salacious
    lecherous; lustful
  5. Sanguine
    cheerful and confident; optimistic; hopeful
  6. Sectarian
    narrow-minded; limited; parochial
  7. Secular
    not sacred or religious
  8. Spartan
    not luxurious; plain
  9. Subvert
    overthrow or destroy; to undermine or corrupt
  10. Sycophant
    person who seeks favor by flattering those with wealth/power
  11. Tempestuous
    violent; turbulent
  12. Tenet
    principle, doctrine or truth a group holds as the truth
  13. Truncate
    shorten by cutting
  14. Ubiquitous
    present, or seeming to be present, everywhere at the same time
  15. Unctuous
    too suave or oily in speech or manner
  16. Usury
    lending money with excessive or unlawfully high rates
  17. Vehement
    intense feeling or strong passion
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editing definitions test5
editing definitions test5