Ch. 23, 24 & 26History Final Exam

  1. Technological unemployment:
    The replacement of human work by machines
  2. Strike:
    When workers stop working until employers comply with their demands
  3. Immigrant:
    A person who leaves one country to settle permanently in another
  4. List and describe three ways in which immigration affected American workers.
  5. Why did so many American workers organize labor unions in the mid to late 1800’s? Be specific.
  6. Populist Party:
    Political party created by the farmers and wage earners in favor of “cheap money” or more money in circulation
  7. Inflation:
    A general increase in prices and decrease in the purchasing power of money
  8. Tight money:
    The economic condition in which money is hard to come by
  9. “Cross of Gold Speech”:
    William Jennings Bryan’s rousing speech in which he favored a sliver standard
  10. Interstate Commerce Act:
    Attempted to correct unfair railroad practices; first federal regulation of transportation
  11. Sherman Silver Purchase Act: Attempted to benefit farmers by increasing the amount of money in circulation; set the exchange rate of silver to gold at 16:1
  12. Describe four problems facing farmers during the Industrial Revolution. Be sure to include what caused the problem and its effect(s) on the farmers.
  13. Muckrakers:
    Writers who exposed the evils and corruption in politics and the business world
  14. The Jungle:
    Sensational novel written in 1906 by muckraking novelist Upton Sinclair about the unsanitary practices of the meat-packing industry
  15. 16th amendment: Legalized a federal income tax based on the “ability to pay principle”
  16. 18th amendment: Forbade the sale, manufacture, and distribution of alcoholic beverages
  17. 19th amendment: Gave women the right to vote due to the effort of women suffragists
  18. Describe the Progressives: a) What were their three general aims? b) How did they view the role of government, the Constitution, and human nature?
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Ch. 23, 24 & 26History Final Exam
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