1. arise
    arose / arisen

    We arose early.

    We have arisen early every day this week.
  2. awake
    awoke / awaken

    The baby awoke suddenly.

    The baby has awaken her parents every night this week.
  3. be - am - are
    was or were / been

    He was never late for work.

    She has been late twice this week.
  4. bear (bring forth)
    bore / born

    Our apple trees bore more fruit last year.

    Our trees have never born so little fruit before.
  5. bear (carry)
    bore / borne

    The donkey bore several baskets of vegetables.

    That poor donkey has borne heavy loads every day of its life.
  6. beat
    beat / beaten

    She beat her brother in the race.

    She has beaten her brother in every race this month.
  7. become
    became / become

    I became tired during the long hike.

    Hiking has become my least favorite activity.
  8. begin
    began / begun

    The market began to sell organic food last year.

    The market has begun to sell more organic food this year.
  9. bend
    bent / bent

    She sat on her glasses and bent them.

    She has bent her glasses so many times that I think they will soon break.
  10. bet
    bet / bet

    She bet her brother five dollars that she could win the race.

    She has never bet that much money so she must believe that she will win.
  11. bid (command)
    bade / bid

    The farmer bade his son go and pick some apples.

    The farmer has bid his children pick apples every morning.
  12. bid (money)
    bid / bidden or bid

    Yesterday we bid $1000 dollars for the car on ebay.

    We have just bidden another $200 dollars for it.
  13. bind
    bound / bound

    The doctor bound the boy's bleeding hand with a clean dressing.

    Because of the earthquake, the doctor has bound many wounds this morning.
  14. bite
    bit / bitten

    The puppy bit the little girl but did not hurt her.

    She screamed so loudly that the puppy has not bitten her again.
  15. bleed
    bled / bled

    The cut on my hand bled for 10 minutes!

    I have never bled so much in my life!
  16. blow
    blew / blown

    The tornado blew their house away.

    Tornados have blown their house away twice in the last two years.
  17. break
    broke / broken

    I broke the dish while washing it.

    I have broken three dishes this morning!
  18. bring
    brought / brought

    The children brought the hungry kitten into the house last night.

    They have brought another kitten home this morning!
  19. build
    built or builded / built or builded

    My father built our home himself.

    He has built many homes.
  20. burst
    burst / burst

    The balloon burst when the little boy touched it.

    He has just burst all the other balloons!
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