1. What is china's longest river
    Chang Jiang
  2. What is the world's coldest desert and where is it located?
    The Gobi Desert and it is located in Mongolia
  3. Th Roof of the World is another name for what?
    THe Plateau of Tibet
  4. The Yellow river picks up large amounts of fertile, yellowish colored soil called what?
  5. A Mountain Range containing Mount Everest
    The Himalayas
  6. What river picks up large amounts of loess
    The Huang He or Yellow river
  7. Fertile Plains in East China
    North China Plain
  8. Which river often floods
    The Huang He
  9. What river is Asia's longest river and major transportation route
    The Chang Jiang
  10. What are the main mineral resources
    coal tin lead and tungsten
  11. China's what and what are are also valuable resources
    Forest land and farmland
  12. Who was the first dynasty
    The Shang
  13. Who was the longest lasting dynasty
    The Zhou
  14. What is a dynasty
    a series of rulers from the same family line
  15. Who was the greatest Qin ruler and what did he order to build
    The greatest Qin ruler was Shi Huangdi and order the Great wall of China to be built
  16. Shi Huandi had terra cotta warriors to guard his tomb true or false
  17. The last dynasty was the Qing true or false
  18. Who created standardized money and writting sustems
    The Qin
  19. Who won the civil war
    The Communist
  20. Who has the largest poulation
    China with 1.3 billion
  21. Most People live where
    Most people live in the east
  22. The government encourages to do what with kids
    They encourage couples to have one child and delay having kids
  23. 92% are what Chinese
    Han Chinese
  24. What is the official language
  25. What is a dialect
    A regional version of a language
  26. What is Daoism
    Daoism stresses living simply and in harmony with nature
  27. Where did buddhism come from
    It came from India about 100 bc
  28. Other major religions are what
    Christianity and Islam
  29. What is Confucianism
    • a philosophy based on ideas and teachings of confucius.
    • Importance of family, moral values, and respect for one's elders
  30. What is a pagodas
    Buddhist temples that have multi- storied towers with an upward curing roof at each floor
  31. Popular actives are
    Martial Arts,table tennis,mah-jongg, karaoke
  32. What is a command economy
    an economic system in which the government owns all the businesses and makes all decisions
  33. China have what kind of economy
    A Mixed Economy
  34. more chinese work in what than any other economic activity
    In Farming
  35. The communist government controls most areas of life true or false
  36. What is Beijing
    It is its capital and is very polluted
  37. What is Chinas largest city
  38. Hong kong and Macao are major what cities
  39. Port cities
  40. Which two groups fought for power during China's civil War and which group won
    The Nationalists and the communists were the two groups that fought for power during the civil War and the Communists won
  41. In what ways does China restrict freedom
    The government restricts freedom by controlling the newspaper and Internet to restrict flow of infomation
  42. how are Hong Kong and Macoa simliar
    Hong Kong and Macoa are similar by they a both major port cities
  43. What are China's environmental problems
    China's environmental problems are pollution, loss of forest and farming land,and burning coal for electricity
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