1. IIPP-2
    Job Hazard Analysis/Project Safety Work Plan
  2. IIPP-2a
    Job Hazard Analysis/Project Safety Work Plan (Continuation Page)
  3. IIPP-3
    Code of Safe Practices
  4. IIPP-4
    Job Safety Survey
  5. IIPP-4a
    Job Safety Survey (Continuation Page)
  6. IIPP-6
    Employee Training Sign-Up Sheet
  7. IIPP-7
    New Employee Safety Orientation
  8. IIPP-8
    Employee Safety Suggestion and Unsafe Practice Report
  9. IIPP-9
    Nomination for Employee Safety Award
  10. IIPP-10
    Exposure Determination, Reporting and Treatment Procedure
  11. IIPP-10A
    Communicable Disease Exposure Report
  12. IIPP-10B
    Sharps Injury Log
  13. IIPP-11
    Physical Fitness Documantation Log
  14. IIPP-12
    Quanitative Fit Test Record
  15. IIPP-13
    Qualitative Fit Test Record
  16. IIPP-14
    Work Station/Ergonomic Evaluation Request
  17. IIPP-25
    Physical Ability Test Risk Assessment
  18. FC-315
    Incident Replacement Requisition
  19. FC-200
    Procedure 200 Accident/Injury/incident/Exposure Report
  20. FC-33
    Overhead Crew Equipmemt Report
  21. FC-33A
    Fire Crew Activity Record
  22. FC-33C
    Incident Timekeeping Summary for Custodial Personnel
  23. CAL FIRE 212
    Seasonal Employee's Performance Record
  24. Name the 8 elements of the IIPP.
    • - Responsibility
    • - Compliance
    • - Communication- Hazard Assessment
    • - Accident/Exposure Investigation
    • - Hazard Correction
    • - Training and Instruction
    • - Recordkeeping
  25. What are the Elements of the WUI Placard?
    • - Access
    • - Street Name & Address
    • - Water Source- Defensible Space
    • - Evacuations- Special Notes or Hazards
    • - Date & Time
    • - Resource ID
  26. What is the Dept.'s Heat Illness Prevention Policy and Procedure.
    • - employee to consume 1qt of water/hr when in extreme work conditions
    • - allow for rest breaks in cooled, or at least shaded areas as needed, and to the extent feasible
  27. What is CDF's Mission Statement
    The Departmemt of Forestry amd Fire Protection protects the people of California from fires, responds to emergencies, and protects and enhances forest, range, and watershed values providing social, economic, and enviromental benifits to rural and urban citizens.
  28. What is CDF's Fire Protection Objective?
    CDF's fire protection objective states that a system of basic fire protection will be provided so thay damages to life, property and natural resources will be held at or below a level of acceptable within social, polotical and economic constraints. Board of Forestry and Fire Protection designates in thr Fire Plan that CDF will strive to contain 95% of all unwanted fires at 10 acres or less.
  29. Define DPA?
    Is the area in which an agency has the financial reponsibility to provide fire suppression.
  30. What are the contract counties?
    Marin, Santa Barbara, Kern, Ventura, Orange and Los Angeles.
  31. What is a contract county?
    It is a county that CDF annually allocates state funds for providing wildland fire protection to SRA.
  32. Define Initial Attack Wildland
    - fire can be contained by the first resources dispatched without substantial augmentation, within 2 hours of the report time
  33. Define Major Incident?
    The fire CANNOT be contained within the first burning period, even with substantial augmentation of resources; long-term resource commitment and logistical support will be required.
  34. What are 3 types of fire attack stratigies?
    • - Direct Attack (offensive)
    • - Indirect Attack (defensive)
    • - Combination of Direct and Indirect
  35. What are the Rates Of Spread (ROS)?
    • SLOW: little to no progress or of little consequence
    • MODERATE: less than 1 mph
    • DANGEROUS: 1 to 3 mph
    • CRITICAL: greater than 3 mph
  36. Leader's Intent?
    • Task- What is to be done
    • Purpose- Why is it to be done
    • End State- How it should look when done
  37. What is a Schedule A Contract?
    Local Government Entity, CAL FIRE employee's. Local Gov. Entity pays CAL FIRE to run and staff fire stations.
  38. What is a Schedule C contract?
    Local Government Entity, Local Government Employee's, CAL FIRE administered
  39. What is Amador Plan?
    CAL FIRE facility & employee's provide fire protection to local government entity during fire season and by contract during the non-fire season.
  40. What is WUI?
    A wildland-urban interface refers to the zone of transition between unoccupied land and human development. Communities that are within of the zone may also be included. These lands and communities adjacent to and surrounded by wildlands are at risk of wildfires.
  41. What are the 10 standard Fire Orders?
    Fire Behavior

    1. Keep informed on fire weather conditions and forecast

    2. Know what your fire is doing at all times.

    3. Base all actions on current and expected behavior of the fire

    Fireline Safety

    4. Identify escape routes and safety zones and make them known

    5. Post lookouts when there is possible danger.

    6. Be alert. Keep calm. Think clearly. Act decisively.

    Organizational Control

    7. Maintain prompt communications with your forces, your supervisor and adjoining forces.

    8. Give clear instructions and insure they are understood.

    9. Maintain control of your forces at all times.If 1-9 are considered then...

    10. Fight fire aggressively, having provided for safety first.
  42. When a fire begins in one jurisdiction, then progresses and/or threatens another what type of command should be used?
    Unified Command
  43. In order to maintain consistency in the ordering process what should be established?
    A Unified Ordering Point; The ICs in unified command shall determine which agency's ECC will be the UOP.
  44. Steps to handle an injured worker
    1. Mitigate hazards prevent further injuries, start EMS and have life treating injuries treated.

    2. Notify the IC / BC

    3. Notify the ECC

    • 4. Provide forms to doctor/hospital
    •     -CAL FIRE 271 Authorization to Treat
    •     -CAL FIRE 200 MEDICAL 
    •     -SCIF 3301 Workers' Compensation Claim
    •      Form
    •     -CAL FIRE Physical/Mental Stress Job
    •      Description

    • 5. Complete IAPS and/or IIPP15 (if no
    •     computer access)

    6. Call home battallion BC

    • 7. Notify BSC to find replacement staffing
    •     get engine back in service.

    8. FC800 to ECC

    • 9. Send packet to Return to Work
    •     Coordinator with-in 24 hours.

    * If employee is placed off of work the Physian has to sign-off on a stress and duty statement and a CALFIRE 200 prior to thier return to work.

    *County workers (Reserves) need forms reporting though County Human Resorcess/Risk Management.  Can find in Sharepoint
  45. FORMS: Authorization to Treat
    CAL FIRE 271
  46. FORMS: Medical Treatment/Returnd to Work
    CAL FIRE 200
  47. FORMS: CAL FIRE Physical/Mental Stress Job Description
    PMSJD "Stress/Duty Statement"
  48. FORMS: Position Duties Statement
  49. FORMS: IAPS Worksheet
  50. What does IAPS stand for
    Injury Assesment and Prevention System
  51. FORMS: Employee's Claim for Workers' 
                Compensation Benefits
    SCIF 3301
  52. How long do you have to turn in the SCIF 3301 Workers' compenation Claim Form
    • One working day (24 hours)
    • *must be given to employee with-in 24 hours
  53. HIGHRISE: If confimed or suspected working fire how many total alarms should be requested?
    An additional three alarms for a total of four alarms (4)
  54. HIGHRISE: What communication request should be included with a highrise augmented resorce request?
    Should request an additional two tac chanels (minimum) for use by Divisions.
  55. What steps should be taken to handle a department vehicle involved in an accident?
    • 1. Contact the ECC
    •     -Report accident and request needed resorces:  Medical, BC, and Law
    •      Enforcement
    •     -Allow them to replace you on an incident
    •      if you were responding to an alarm.
    • 2. Complete a STD 269 Accident
    •     Investigation / exchange of infromation

    • 3. Have driver complete a STD 270 Report
    •     of Vehicle Accident. IF supervisor
    •     complete STD 274 Review of State Driver
    •     Accident 

    • 4. If county owned vehicle Complete County
    •     Form 942.6 Confidential Report of Vehicle
    •     Accident (also used if accident involved a
    •     County Employee)

    • 5. FC800 Operational and Program
    •     Notification with the ECC

    6. Subit forms reports to Unit designee (Dreena Brethorst)
    STD 269
  57. FORMS: Report of Vehicle Accident
    STD 270
  58. FORMS: Review of State Driver Accident
    STD 274
  59. FORMS: Confindential Report of Vehicle Accident
    RCo 942.6
  60. Steps for suspected Substance Abuse
    1. Primary Observation

    2. Secondary Observation

    3. Notify the Batallion Chief

    4. Place the Equipment Out-of-Service

    5. FBOR the Employee, the can attempt to have representation in a timely manor but can not delay the test

    6. Request Law Enforcement for testing

    • 7. Complete a PO 225 Confidential-
    •     Substance Abuse Testing Reasonable 
    •     Suspicion Documentation Action

    • 8. Employee will be on Administrative Time
    •     Off
  61. FORMS: Authorization to Release Drug and Alcohol Testing Information
    PO 224
  62. FORMS: Confidential-Substance Abuse Testing Reasonable Suspicion Documentation Action
    PO 225
  63. FORMS: Confidential-Temporary Relief of Duty-Substance Abuse Testing Action
    PO 226
  64. Positions in Command Staff
    • IC
    • Public Information Officer
    • Liaison Officer
    • Agency Representative
    • Safety Officer
  65. Positions in General Staff
    • IC
    • Operations Section Chief
    • Planning Section Chief
    • Logistics Section Chief
    • Finance/Administration Section Chief
  66. What is the Operations Retreat Evacuation Signal?
    Operations Retreat evacuation signal will consist of repeated short blasts of the air horn for approximately 10 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of silence. This sequence of air horn blasts for 10 seconds followed by a 10 second periods of silence be done three times; total air horn evacuation signal including periods of silence will last 50 seconds.
  67. IC Responsibilities during a RIC activation
    • 1. Request an additional Alarm and a ground
    •     ambulance.

    2. Activate RIC Group

    • 3. Ensure Frequancy change has been
    •     completed and ensure accountability PAR
    •     for fire operations.  *consider change in
    •     stratagy and consider safety of current
    •     fireground operations.

    4. Get CAN from RIC group and support RIC
  68. Infromation the IC needs from RIC Group Supervisor?
    • 1. Name of the injured worker and Compny
    •     they are asigned.

    • 2. Location of the worker (or last known
    •     location)

    • 3. CONDITIONS: Known Injuries and/or 
    •     other relavent conditions (low air,
    •     entrapment)

    4. ACTIONS:

    5. NEEDS: Additional resorce request
  69. What are the three Structure Defense Triage Catagories?
    1. Not Threatened

    2. Threatened Non-defesable

    3. Threatened Defensable
  70. What are the 7 Structure Protection Tactical Actions
    • 1.  Check & Go
    • 2.  Prep & Go
    • 3.  Prep & Defend
    • 4.  Bump & Run
    • 5.  Anchor & Hold
    • 6.  Fire Front Following
    • 7.  Tactical Patrol
  71. In the progressive disciplin process: What are the objectives in the "corrective" portion?
    • Informal Action:
    • Identify a Proplem(s)
    • Develop a Plan
    • Discuss Consequences
    • Monitoring- discuss time frames
    • Problems- what will cause the plan to fail/soulutions
    • Closure- have the employee summerze the Plan
    • Encouragement
  72. Three Phases of Progressive Discipline?
    1.  Preventive

    2.  Corrective

    3.  Adverse
  73. Progressive Discipline:
    Two tools in the Corrective Phase?
    1.  Corrective Interview

    2.  Letter of Warning
  74. Progressive Discipline:
    Adverse Actions?
    • 1.  Salary Reduction
    • 2.  Suspension
    • 3.  Demotion
    • 4.  Dismissal
  75. What are the 4 Elements of Fire Prevention
    • 1.  Public Education
    • 2.  Planning
    • 3.  V.I.P (volunteers in prevention)
    • 4.  Law Enforcement
  76. What are the Core Values?
    • Leadership
    • Competence
    • Integrity
    • Safety
    • Customer Service
  77. Forms: STD 637
    Probationary Report
  78. What is Progressive Discipline used for?
    To prevent or respond to an employee's failure to meet standards.
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