Week 6 Crossmatch Results

  1. Antibody Screen: IS & AHG = Neg
    Crossmatch: 4+
    AC: Neg
    • With 4+ reaction, most likely cause is:
    • ABO incompatibility (wrong type selected)
  2. AB Screen: IS & AHG = Neg
    Crossmatch: IS = 0 & AHG = 1+
    AC: Neg
    • 1: Donor has + DAT because AHG phase is incompatible
    • 2: Pt has antibody to low freq antigen that was not present on screen cells, but present on donor.
    • 3: Pt has antibody showing dosage: it reacts better with homozygous cells rather than heterozygous. (screen has heterozygous expression while donor has homozygous)
    • 4:Patient my have recieved plasma incompatible products and has a passive ABO antobody that is reacting with the donor RBC's. 
  3. AB Screen: IS Neg & AHG screen II 1+
    Crossmatch: Neg
    AC: Neg
    • Either:
    • 1: Patient probably has an antibody where the donor unit is lacking the corresponding antigen.
    • 2: Screen cells exhibit dosage (homozygous cells) while the donor is heterozygous.
  4. AB Screen: IS = neg & AHG = 2+ both cells
    Crossmatch: IS = Neg & AHG = 2+
    AC: Neg
    Patient probably has an alloantibody. The donor probably has the antigen that the patient has made an antibody against.
  5. AB Screen: Positive
    Crossmatch: Incompatible
    Auto Control: Positive
    • 1: Most likely is AUTOANTIBODY. Autos typically react in all phases.
    • 2: Alloantibody (MF Reaction) (will only occur if patient recently transfused)
    • 3: Rouleax (false agglutination)
    • 4: Reagent related (pt. may have antibodies to addatives in reagents like liss or alb)
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