Management- Chapter 2.1

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  1. Five Practical Reasons for Studying Management Theory
    • 1.  Understanding the Present
    • 2.  Guide to Action
    • 3.  Soure of New Ideas
    • 4.  Clues to Managers' Decisions
    • 5.  Clues to Outside Events
  2. Peter Drucker
    Father of Modern Management
  3. Pfeffer & Sutton
    Proposed Evidence Based Management
  4. Evidence Based Management
    Translating principles based on BEST EVIDENCE into organizational practice.  (Book)

    Make managerial decisions based on evidence. (Simple)
  5. Historical Perspective of Management
    Classical, Behavioral, Quantitative
  6. Contemporary Viewpoint of Management
    Systems, Contingency and Quality Management
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Management- Chapter 2.1
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