1.8 Emphasis and Focal Point

  1. emphasis
    the principle of drawing attention to particular content in a work
  2. focal point
    the center of interest or activity in a work of art, often drawing the viewer's attention to the most important element
  3. Principles of Art
    the grammar applied to the elements of art --> contrast // balance // unity // variety // rhythm // emphasis //  pattern // scale // proportion // focal point
  4. Elements of Art
    the basic vocabulary of art --> line // form // shape // volume // mass // color // texture // space // time and motion // value
  5. Subordination
    the opposite of emphasis, it draws our attention away from particular areas of a work
  6. Abstract
    art imagery that departs from recognizable images from the natural world
  7. Color field
    a term used by a group of twentieth-century abstract painters to describe their work with large flat areas of color and simple shapes
  8. Color
    the optical effect caused when reflected white light of the spectrum is divided into a separate wavelength
  9. Positive Shape
    a shape defined by its surrounding empty space
  10. Negative space
    an empty space given shape by its surround, for example the right-pointing arrow between the E and x in FedEx
  11. Implied texture
    a visual illusion expressing texture
  12. Composition
    the overall design or organization of a work
  13. Rhythm
    the regular or ordered repetition of elements in the work
  14. Outline
    the outermost line of an object or figure, by which it is defined or bounded
  15. Woodcut
    a print created from an incised piece of wood
  16. Actual line
    are solid lines
  17. Implied line
    are impressions of lines created from a series of points that orient our gaze along a visual path
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1.8 Emphasis and Focal Point
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