Diseases exam 1

  1. What is the vector of Baylisascaris?
  2. What is the route of transmission for Baylisascaris?
    Ingestion of infected egg by accidentally putting dire or animal excrement in mouth
  3. What are some S&S of Baylisascaris?
    • Nausea
    • Fatigue
    • Liver enlargement
    • Lack of attn
    • Loss of muscle ctrl
    • Blindness
    • Coma
    • Brain damage on MRI
    • Increase WBCs
  4. The hosts for Baylisascaris are ___ & ____.
    Raccoon and Human
  5. What methods could be employed to prevent Baylisascaris?
    Watch sm children closely
  6. The primary tx for Baylisascaris is ___ & secondary are ___ & ___.
    • Albendazole
    • Mebendazole & Ivermectin
  7. What causes Balisascaris eggs to hatch in a human host?
    Stomach acid
  8. The mosquito is the vector for ____ ____.
    Wuchereria bancrofti
  9. How does Wucheria bancrofti enter the body?
    When a mosquito bites it leaves behind the larve
  10. What the S&S of Wushereria bancrofti?
    • Recurring asthma
    • Pedal edema causing weeping
    • Scrotal inflammation
    • Blocked lymph sys
  11. Who are the hosts for W. bancrofti?
    Mosquito & human
  12. According to the CDC what is the tx for W. bancrofti?
    None noted
  13. How does W. bancrofti operate?
    Lays in the lungs during the day & moves to the skin surface at night to be picked up by other mosquitos
  14. The 2 vectors for Schistosomiasis are what and what?
    • Fresh water snails
    • Contaminated water
  15. Skin contact w/contaminated water is the transmission route for ____.
  16. What are the S&S for Schistosomiasis?
    • None for several days
    • Then rash or itchy skin
    • 1-2 mos → fever, chills, cough, muscle aches
  17. What are the chronic effects of Schistosomiasis?
    • Abd pain
    • Enlarged liver
    • Hematuria
    • Trbl urinating
    • Bloody stool
  18. What actually causes the S&S of Schistosomiasis?
    S&S are caused by eggs rather than the worms themselves
  19. What method is used to diagnosis Schistosomiasis?
    Blood test 6-8 wks aft exposure
  20. What is the tx for Schistosomiasis?
  21. How do you prevent exposure to Schistosomiasis?
    • Avoid swimming or wading in water in countries where Schistosomiasis exists
    • Boil water for 1 min b/f bathing
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