The Endocrine System

  1. What is the Endocrine System
    A collection af glands and groups of cells that secrete hormones, regulate growth, development, and homeostasis.
  2. What is a Gland?
    A groupe of cells that make special chemicals for the body. (Hormones)
  3. What is a Hormone?
    A substance that is made in one cell or tissue and that causes a change in another cell or tissue in another part of the body.
  4. Pituitary Gland
    • A gland located on the brain that secretes hormones that affect other glands and organs.
    • Stimulates skeletal growth
    • Helps thyroid work properly
    • Regulates amount of water in blood
    • stimulates birth process in women
  5. Thyroid Gland
    • A gland in the neck that increases the rate at which you use your energy
    • very important during childhood and infancy
    • Controls the secretion oF growth hormones
    • Controls the development of the CNS
    • Controls metabolism
  6. Parathyroid Gland
    a gland behind the the thyroid gland that regulates calcium levels in blood
  7. Thymus Gland
    • A gland behind the breastbone that is important to the immune system
    • Killer T-cells grow and mature here
    • Helps protect the body against pathogens
  8. Adrenal Glands
    • Glands located on top of the kidneys to help the body respond to danger
    • Release epinephrine- increases HR and respiration; fight or flight response
  9. Pancreas
    A gland deep in abdomen that regulates blood glucose levels: Insulin and glucagon
  10. Ovaries
    • A gland in the female pelvis that produces hormones needed for reproduction
    • Estrogen
    • Progestergone
  11. Testes
    A gland in the male pelvic region that produces testosterone
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