OT test #1

  1. Dependability..
    ..being on time and responsible in carrying out their duties and responding to client/patient needs. Meet deadlines and adhere to schedules.
  2. Professional presentation...
    Demeanor, professional presentation and manner are essential. Present yourself in a way that is accepted by peers, clients and employers.Genuine interest in providing ur services to others is demonstrated through focusd attention and positive regard.
  3. Initiative..
    ..highly motivated and self directed. Valued employees are those that demonstrate a positive, energetic and motivated manner. Taking resposibility for starting projects and contribute to the development and enhancement of programs and services
  4. Empathy...
    ..an important prerequisite to building therapeutic relationships.. The ability to listen, understand, share and be sensitive to another persons perceptions of a situation.
  5. Cooperation...
    Team work is a way of life.. Working collaboratively in interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary teams. be cooperative, flexible and adaptable.
  6. Organization..
    The quality and efficiency of ur sevices as a professional can be improved by this. How well u are organized will be used as a tool by clients,pts and colleagues to assess the service u are providing when u portray this. Also how well a team performs is inherently dependent on this.
  7. Clinical reasoning...
    ....is the dynamic process of inquiry that takes place within the context of clinical practice. Problem solving skills, knowledge and experience are needed to reason through problems encountered in practice situations. Enhance and refine problem-solving and critical thinking skills in order to possess this ability.
  8. (Participation in the) supervisory process....
    Must be ready to give and receive constructive and productive feedback. Serving as mentors for newcomers to their profession, as well as work positively with assistants, aides and other professionals. Interpersonal and supervisory abilities are required to guide and mentor others.
  9. Verbal communication....
    Is one of the most outward personal traits of a professional that can be used to market ur service and ur profession.  Make contributions to discussions at staffings, conferences,rounds, inservices and other pertinent meetings.Being articulate.
  10. Written communication.....
    ..is the most important non verbal personal trait of a professional that can be used to market ur service and profession. It must be produced according to a particular institutions standards and must stand up to review and scrutiny by departments, facilities,quality assurers,third party payers and the legal system
  11. -What is dependability..
    -List 4 words that one might associate with the term.
    • ...worthy of trust, reliable and capable of being depended upon
    • .....responsible,reliable,trustworthy & dpended upon. Morally, legally and mentally accountable
  12. What would u do if u werent dependable
    apologize, admit fault, fix the problem
  13. Why is dependability important? List two parties to whom ur dependability is important and why.
    • ....it  leads to trust and trust is important in every relationship. It is the hub in the wheel. remove it and everything else fails. It enhances job performance and leads to job security in theses economic times.
    • Client- because they depend on u to be there and help them in their therapy.
    • OT(supervisor)- for timely and accurate documentation
  14. How can we increase our dependability?
    • 1)Discern important activities from less important ones.
    • 2)Self evaluate
    • 3) Learn to follow through
    • 4)Honor ur word
  15. What should we do if we flub up on dependability? List 4 steps that might be wise to take if we fall short of performing dependability.
    • -Apologize
    • -Correct the mistake
    • -Admit to negligence
    • -Honesty
    • -Openness to listen to complaint
    • -Not being treated as a neurotic
  16. Why is professional presentation important?
    It plays a major role in determining in getting a job, promotion, raises and ur effectiveness with ur patients.
  17. What does professional presentation include?(7)
    • appearance,
    • posture,
    • body lg,
    • speech patterns,
    • voice and
    • attitude.
  18. case story. be able to identify unprofessional elements and professional alternatives
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