General Psychology

  1. Memory
    Process by which one encodes, stores, and receives information
  2. Encoding
    The initial process of recording information in a form usable to memory
  3. Storage
    The maintenance of material saved in memory
  4. Retrieval
    Material in memory storage has to be located and brought into awareness to be useful
  5. Sensory Memory
    The initial, momentary storage of information, lasting only an instant
  6. Short Term Memory
    Memory that holds information for 15 to 25 seconds
  7. Long term memory
    Memory that stores information on a relatively permanent basis, although it may be difficult to retrieve
  8. Iconic Memory
    A type of sensory memory reflects information from the visual system
  9. Echoic Memory
    A type of Sensory Memory that store auditory information coming from the ears
  10. Chunk
    A meaningful grouping of stimuli that can be stored as a unit in short-term memory
  11. Length of retention
    7 chunks for 15-25 seconds
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