computer review

  1. newest, fastest type of internet connection
    fiber optics
  2. st monica connection to the internet
    direct connection
  3. packets, router, firewall, TCP/IP
    computer to internet
  4. ISP, modem, browser, search engine
    street to google
  5. datatype you need to select in order for a picture to show in access
    OLE object
  6. 2 other objects that are similar to access
    excel & word
  7. what view do u use when formatting a report?
    design view
  8. all databases must have what do make sure it doesn't get duplicated?
    primary key
  9. 4 objects in access?
    query, report, form, table
  10. 3 file extensions:
    .bmp, .jpg, .jif
  11. save an image for HTML
    save in your HTML folder with no spaces
  12. directs "traffic" on the internet
  13. standard toolbar looks like...
    file, edit, view, tools, help
  14. browser toolbar looks like...
    back, forward, home page, refresh, stop, favorites
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computer review
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