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  1. List main types of neurotransmitters and name examples
    • 1. EXCITATORY: cause DEpolaristion
    • -Acetylcholine (ACh)- at nerve-muscle synapse-stimulus gated Na+ channels
    • -Glutamate- at all excitatory synapses in brain
    • *Thus -EPSP's ( Excitatory Post Synaptic Potentials)

    • 2. INHIBITORY:cause HYPERpolarisation-
    • -GABA (gamma amino butyric acid)
    • *thus, IPSP (Inhibitory post synaptic potential)
  2. Explain the diff. types of synaptic intergration:
    • 1. Spatial summation:effect produced by simultaneous stimulation by a few
    • synaptic knobs on the SAME postsynaptic neuron

    2. Temporal summation:produced by rapid sucession of stimuli on a SINGLE postsynaptic neuron.

    3: Inhibitory & Excitatory summation: produces potential at axon hillock. (many synaptic knobs)
  3. Name the 2 types of synaptic network & explain their different advantages:
    • 1. Divergent-info. from eg. a single sensory neuron may DIVERGE to arrive at DIFFERENT brain regions
    • *THUS-amplify signals
    • -control points

    • 2. Convergent- info. from DIFF. brain regions may CONVERGE on a SINGLE motorneurone that excites a SINGLE muscle group
    • -Redundancy- inelectronics (provides alternatives in case one fails)
    • -Control points
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