CNA chapter 5

  1. Rehabilitation and restorativeĀ 
    Today, in an effort to deliver quality patient care, the focus is on the promotion of independence, autonomy and dignity.

    Rehabilitation is the process of restoring the patient to as nearly normal function as possible.

    Restorative care is the nursing care that assists patients in meeting their needs as independently as possible.

    Autonomy(being in control of one's life)is a form of independence.
  2. The rehabilitation team
    The center of the rehabilitation team is the patient.
  3. Special equipment
    Special equipment is available to help the patient function independently.

    One type of special equipment is called prosthesis.
  4. Promotion of health and wellness
    A state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, not merely absence of disease and infirmity is definition of health by WHO

    Wellness involves functioning at the highest level, regardless of circumstance.

    Wellness is being able to function at the highest possible level and successful adaption to change.

    Personal wellness requires motivation, self-control, and accountability.
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CNA chapter 5
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