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    Fats cells derived from fibroblasts. The Interior of each adipocytes is dominated by a droplet of fat.
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    Adipose Tissue
    Specialized  tissue from the storage of fat
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    An energy-depleted form of ATP
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    Anatomical Position
    The subject or patient is erect, facing the viewer, with feet pointed  ahead, arms at the sides,and the palms of the hands turned forward.
  5. Appendicular Region
    One of the fundamental regions of the body, consisting fo the limbs or extremities
  6. ATP
    within the Mitochondria, the energy from the oxidation of foodstuffs is applied to the synthesis of ATP the general chemical energy source for energy requiring cellular processes.
  7. Axial region
    one of the fundamental regions of the body consisting of the head, neck and trunk.
  8. Bilayer
    Double Layer
  9. Blood Plasma
    A fluid component containing salts: some organic solutes; dissolved gases and proteins.
  10. Body Cavity
    body cavities are hollow spaces within the body that contain internal organs: Dorsal(includes cranial cavity and spinal canal), Ventral(includes thoracic cavity and abdominopelvic cavity,) and SCROTAL(present in males only)
  11. Bone Morrow
    The site of synthesis of blood cells in adults
  12. Canaliculus
    • small channels that allow nutrients and oxygen
    • to reach osteocytes and cellular wastes to be removed
  13. Cancellous Bone
    Bones consist of an outer covering of compact(dense) bone surrounding a core of cancellous(spongy) bone
  14. Cardiac Muscle
    Makes up the walls of the heart, and is responsible for circulating blood to all parts of the body
  15. Cartliage
    a strong flexible smooth material composed of collagen and chondroitin that in adults supports some soft tissues covers the ends of bones and provides bearing surfaces for joints
  16. Chondrocytes
    cells that secrete cartilage
  17. Chondroitin
    a type of intercellular substance formed by connective tissues. A tough flexible material that is a major component of Cartliage one form of connective tissue
  18. collagen
    a type of intercellular substance formed by connective tissues composed of giant, fibrous molecules that may be arranged in bundles or as a mesh.
  19. Columnar
    cells that are cylindrical with heights greaterthan  their widths
  20. Compact bone
    an outer covering that surrounds a core of cancellous bone composed of units called OSTENS
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