CNA Chapter 3

  1. The importance of health maintenance
    • One of the responsibilities as a nursing assistant is to protect your health.
    •  Eat a well-balance diet including a variety of foods
    •  Start he day with a good breakfast
    •  Try to maintain a healthy weight
    •  Get sufficient rest and sleep
    •  Exercise regularly
    •  See your doctor for a regular check-up
    •  Avoid using alcohol or drugs

    Hygiene involves cleanliness and health maintenance, so personal hygiene refers to keeping yourself clean and healthy

    Emotional need are determined by your inner feelings. One of the most important of the emotional needs is one's opinion of oneself, called self-esteem.
  2. Stress management
    Stress is mental and physical tension or strain
  3. Problem solving and conflict resolution
    • The problem solving process involves six steps:
    •  Identifying the problem: You cannot solve a problem until you identify and define it.
    •  Collecting information: Gather information and get the facts together by using reliable sources and making sure all he information relates to the problem.
    •  Listing possible solutions: Make a list and write down every idea.
    •  Making a decision: Look at all your possible solutions and start narrowing them down until only two or three remain.
    •  Planning and taking action: Develop a plan of action and get started.
    •  Evaluating the outcome: Evaluation involves judging whether or not the chosen solution has worked and if the outcome is acceptable.

    Conflict resolution: involves a disagreement of ideas. Resolution is the solving of a problem, a solution. So conflict resolution means finding a solution to a disagreement.

    • Resolve conflicts more effectively:
    •  Agreement: be cooperative, but not assertive 
    •  Avoidance: be unassertive and uncooperative
    •  Combination: combine your beliefs and be fully assertive and cooperative.
    •  Competition: be assertive and uncooperative
    •  Compromise: be moderately assertive and cooperative.
  4. Developing professionalism
    The term professionalism means to be worthy of the standards of profession.
  5. Continuing your education
    One reason for continuing your education is to move up to a higher level nursing.

    Health care facilities usually provide continuing education classes, called in-serive.
  6. Moving up or across the career ladder
    There is another method of career movement called cross-laddering(moving sideways on the health career ladder)
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