Galina Ustvolskaya

  1. Who was Ustvolskaya a student of 
  2. How did Ustvolskaya align herself 
    With soviet avant-garde; under Shostakovich she wrote Socialist Realism, but later threw them out
  3. What style did Ustvolskaya frame
    A austere atonal style that effaced rhythm in favor of long streams of notes 
  4. Ustovlskaya's Octect features which instruments
    Two oboes, four violins, piano and a timpani
  5. How many movements does Ustvolskaya's Octect contain
    5 movements, alternating between slow meditations and faster music
  6. How is the 4th movement of the Octet
    • It's fast and it's main repeating figure is obsessive
    • Contains three measures of unequal length, 9/4, 3/4 and 5/4 - forming a seven beat unit that continues to repeat
  7. What is the texture of the 4th movement of the Octect
    Striking, the top two strands are supplied by the oboes, the lower two by the piano, and every note is accented by an unpitched timpani stroke
  8. How is the Music of the 4th movement of the Octect
    Violent and exhilarating which seems to be derived from Rite of Spring
  9. How is the music of the finale
    The string develope a dissonant chorale - every instrument uses a stepwise motive, which is chant like
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