Sergei Prokofiev

  1. What school did Prokofiev graduate form? 
    St. Petersburg Conservatory where he astonished everyone by playing his own Piano Concerto for his finale exam
  2. What style of Piano play did Prokofiev pioneer
    Abrasive, percussive style and delighted in superimposing lines and chords in different keys to result in strongly dissonant sonorities
  3. What likeness were present in Stravinsky and Prokofiev
    • They showed liking to the grotesque (distorting familiar musical idioms) 
    • He was a major influence on Shostakovich's early  work
  4. In what symphony did Prokofiev show a different side of his Musical ability
    • His Classical symphony were he gave a modernist twist to a Haydnesque symphony
    • This piece has dissonances which a more mocking than biting and he sets this within classical forms and lucid orchestration  
  5. Why did Prokofiev take a long route to the Americas
    To avoid  the conflict in the western front
  6. Where did Prokofiev first settle in the US
    • New York 
    • He received commissions and preformed his virtuoso and modernistic piano concertos he conducted and wrote for the Ballet Russe
  7. What was Prokofiev talented in that Shostakovich was criticized for
    His proficiency with melodies (His piece Peter and the Wolf shows how he could amend his melodies to appease the people)
  8. Why did Prokofiev come back to Russia? What event solidified him staying for good
    • He came back because the Govt offered him a stable income to produce music in Russia
    • When his friend and famous theatre director Vsevolod Meyerhold disappeared into a Gulag it was known that if he left he would never come back
  9. What film score and cantana did Prokofiev gain recognition for 
    • Alexander Nevsky 
    • Zdravitsa (Glorified Stalin)
  10. What was seen as Prokofiev's mastery of soviet music
    His fifth symphony which showed the dark experiences of war and the glory of vivtory
  11. What was the balance Prokofiev found between his style and Social Realism
    • on one hand he used the biting dissonance and driving rhythmic ostinatos.. and even some old grotesque 
    • the other hand there was strong elements of symphonic style dating back to Borodin's Second Symphony
  12. During the soviet period, Prokofiev was constantly prodded to do what
    Show his lyrical side rather than his grotesque tendencies and to write in tonal harmony
  13. What did Prokofiev do in response to demands of the soviets
    He played in Social Realism but never to deep as to maintain some of his own style 
  14. What is present in Prokofiev's Romeo and Juliet that we can no mistake
    His use of Melody and Harmony which is used in restrait
  15. What was a common addition to symphony orchestra's in the 1930's 
    The saxophone, which owns the first theme
  16. What is the first Theme of Romeo and Juliet characterized by
    Wide melodic spans and adventurous harmonies 
  17. What gains the second statement to the first theme in Prokofiev's Romeo and Juliet
    The violins; a passionate ascent is followed by a tender phrase
  18. What is the second Theme of Romeo and Juliet
    • Hymn of love (coming from when they express their feelings for each other) 
    • It's a glorious theme in C Major and the horns have an expansive lyrical melody that sounds singable but is too wide for the voice
    • The harmony is tonal
  19. What is the third theme of Prokofiev's Romeo and Juliet based on 
    A ticking ostinato figure that represents the passing of time. The colors darken (Major changes to Minor) and a threatening melody appears of death
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