Alexander Mosolov's, The Iron Foundry

  1. The short orchestral piece was part of what ballet? It had what title in Russian
    • Steel
    • Zavod
  2. What was the piece to depict
    Work of large factory
  3. Where was the industrial effect of repeating figures first seen
    Stravinsky's "Rite of Spring" (Although Rite of Spring showed pagan times it gave the same effect) 
  4. The Timpani is pounded in what interval? 
    In the interval of a tritone, under chromatic line in the middle of register in the clarinets and violas
  5. What is a difference between the patterns of Stravinsky's Rite of Spring and Mosolov's
    More patterns are added, but unlike Stravinsky's counterparts, they take place within a clear 4/4 meter
  6. What plays the heroic melody
    4 horns
  7. What is the Harmony of Iron Foundry
    Very chromatic, but not Atonal, it is clearly centered on one note, C
  8. What was the RAPM perspective of Iron Foundry
    That repeated figures were inhuman, which couldnt have shown factory but instead the capitalist and their workers as slaves
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Alexander Mosolov's, The Iron Foundry
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