Soviet Utopianism and the Avant-garde + Artistic Diversity and Factionalism

  1. The first artist to come the the soviet side where who
    Those against he art of yesteryear - the futurist and abstract painters. 
  2. Who conducted the Symphony of Sirens 
    Arseny Avraamov 
  3. What was the Symphony of Sirens 
    An event that would stretch an entire city using industrial whistles, ship sirens, car horns, with Avraamov standing high and those out of vision using synchronized clocks 
  4. What city did the Symphony of Siren take place
  5. What was the culture of the early soviet 
    • it relied on machinery, and was highly urbanist, celebrating an industrial future that was supposed to bring prosperity and happiness 
    • "The Internationale" emphasized this would be a communist future
  6. What was the Bolshevek policy on music and the arts
    They were to serve the people
  7. What did the futurist view the past as
    They wanted to ditch the past and used phrases like "Let us throw Pushkin off the ship of modernity"
  8. What does RAPM stand for? Who did they support
    • Russian Association of Proletariat Musicians
    • They supported Beethoven as a great revolutionary and Mussorgsky for his sympathetic attitude of the "people" 
  9. What did the RAPM think about most Russian classics
    • They were fit for the trash
    • Glinka was a monarchist, Balakirev was a reactionary nationalist, Tchaikovsky a glorifier of the dying aristocracy
  10. How did the RAPm view some folk songs
    With hostility as they believed it showed the backwardness and illiteracy of peasantry 
  11. What did Lenin argues to avoid discrimination in the arts 
    He had a taste for the classics, so he would say as their is only one type of science, their is only one type of art and that sweeping any art away would be contradictory to the soviet way
  12. What was the difference of view between Lunacharsky (Minster of Education) and Lenin on the futurist
    Lunacharsky gave the some encouragement but Lenin saw them as troublesome and wanted to cut their funding 
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Soviet Utopianism and the Avant-garde + Artistic Diversity and Factionalism
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