American Governmetn

  1. Bureaucracy 
    large, complex administrative structure in the executive branch. 
  2. Staff Agency
    Advisory support O.M.B, N.S.C
  3. Line Agency
    go into the field and work on tasks such as E.P.A
  4. Bureaucracy is made up of...
    • Departments-cabinet level (15)
    • Staff and Line agencies
  5. 3 types of independent Agencies 
    • 1. Independent Executive- most agencies are found here
    • 2. Independent Regulatory Commissions- largely out of reach of presidents
    • 3. Government corporations- run like a business
  6. Pendelton Act
    • (civil service act) 1883
    • have to take civil service exam 
    • placed on register
    • ends the spoils system
  7. Civil Service Reform Act
    1. Office of personnel & management (O.P.M.)post job, sets qualifications, pay/benefits

    • 2. Merit system Protection Board 
    • revive promotion based on merit
  8. Department of Treasury
    contains IRS, Secret Service 
  9. Department of interior
    national park service, US fishing and wildlife, and bureau of Indian affairs 
  10. Department of Agriculture 
    U.S forest service 
  11. Executive Office of the President 
    • (EOP) right arm of president, umbrella agency 
    • created 1939
  12. Big Three of EOP
    • 1.Chief of staff- directs operations of the office
    • 2. Counselor of president- adviser to pres
    • 3. Deputy chief of staff- advises people and helps chief of staff
  13. National Security Counsel
    • NSC
    • -advises pres. on nation security, domestic, and foreign affairs 
  14. OMB
    • Office of management and Budget
    • -Larges in number, prepares the budget for the president. 
  15. 2 jobs of cabinet member 
    • head their department
    • advise president 
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