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  1. Rx for Hep B?
    Rx for Hep C?
    IFN or anti virals--tenofovir, lamuvidine, adefocir, entecavir

    Hep C-- IFN+ ribavirin
  2. Rx for GERD refractory to medical treatment?
    nissel fundiplication or hiatal hernia repair
  3. Barium swallow shows what?
    gastric emptying time
    small bowel follow thru?
    barium enema?
    • esophagus
    • les
    • stomach

    stomach, pylorus, duodenum

    stomach to ileum

    colon and appendix
  4. connection of stomach to skin is called?
    connection of ileum to skin?
    colon to skin?
    visualization of peritoneum
    surgical incision into abdominal wall?
    • gastrostomy
    • ileostomy
    • cholostomy
    • laparoscopy
    • laparotomy
  5. symptoms of gerd?
    • chest pain
    • cough
  6. 3 types of diverticula of esophagus?
    • zenker--at the UES
    • traction--mid point of esophagus
    • epiphrenic--near to LES
  7. how is salmonella and shigella treated?
    • fluoroquinolones
    • erythromycin
  8. risk factors for osteporosis?
    • post menapuase
    • steroids
    • low BMI
    • smoking
    • decreased acid in stomach
  9. BEst intial test for suspected stomach perforation?
    X ray
  10. cause of acute pancreatitis?
    • biliary
    • alcohol
    • Drugs
    • Hypertriglyceridemia
    • Idiopathic
    • Scorpion sting
  11. most sensitive and specific test for chronic pancreatitis?
    fecal elastase
  12. Tumor marker for pancreatic cancers?
    ca 19-9
  13. What is the Whipple procedure?
    • resection of head of pancreas with
    • duodenum
    • proximal jejunum
    • distal stomach
  14. Mode of action of Diazoxide?
    opens K channels--hyperpolarizes the cell..prevents release of insulin?
  15. Symptomatic Rx for pancreatic Endocrine tumors?
  16. how does the gastric bypass work?
    decreasing the size of the stomach and connecting it to the jejunum
  17. Rx for H pylori?
    • PPI
    • clarithromycin
    • amoxicillin or metronidazole
  18. What is the parkland formula?
    4ml x kg(body weight) x % of Burned BSA
  19. Person travels far, takes on a new identity and doesnt remember it, this is called?
    Dissociative Fugue
  20. Blueberry muffin rash, PDA, deafness?
  21. Classic presentation for placenta previa?
    painless bleeding
  22. Which breast cancer can present bilaterally?
    lobular carcinoma
  23. what disease produces anterior knee/upper tibia pain? due to inflammation of the tibial tuberosity?
    osgood-Shlatter Disease
  24. 2 abnormal pap smears with ascus?
    colposcopy and endocervical curratage
  25. What organism causes diarrhea and psudoappendicitis?
    yersinia entercolitica
  26. Most accurate test for Acute mesenteric ischemia
  27. what is used to vasodilate blood vessels causing acute mesenteric ischemia?
  28. when do you give rifampin prophylaxis for meningitis?
    to close contacts of a patient with n. meningitis or h. influenza type B
  29. Theophylline toxicity?
    • hypotension
    • seizures
  30. what 2 drugs inhibit phosphodiesterase, causing vasodilation and bronchodilation?
    • sildenafil--increases cgmp
    • methylxanthines--theophylline--increases camp
  31. Rx for febrile seizure?
    • symptomatic--
    • decrease body temp
    • no antiepileptics!!!!!!
  32. Common Causes of Small Bowel Obstruction?
    a, b, c
    • adhesions
    • bulge--hernias
    • cancer
  33. Best initial test in suspecting small bowel Obstruction?
  34. Most sensitive test for appendicitis?
    ct scan
  35. antibiotics for severe gut infections?
    ampicilli/sulbactam + metro + fluoroquinolones
  36. Rx for ileus?
    • erythromycin
    • neostigmine
    • metoclopramide
  37. Xray showing double bubble or birds beak of the colon, this is characteristic for?
  38. air in the bowel wall on a ct scan?
    ischemic colitis
  39. what antibiotic is contraindicated in neonatal jaundice?
    ceftriaxone bc it displaces bilirubin from albumin and it makes it worse
  40. what is failure to thrive?
    • weight is <3%percentile
    • weight is <80% for age
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