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  1. In 251 territory what is required to make a reverse movement beyond the limits of a block?
    New authority as prescribed by TWC rules.
  2. If a train stops less than 1 engine length beyond a control point signal what is required?
    Train must not proceed without permission of the train dispatcher.
  3. When train is stopped by the dispatcher while moving through a control point what should be done?
    The train must not move in either direction until it has received the proper signal or permission from the train dispatcher.
  4. What should be done if a signal aspect permitting a train to proceed changes to a stop signal before it is reached?
    The train must stop as soon as safe handling will permit and notify the dispatcher
  5. When the rear end of a train is stopped between the home signals of a controlled point and/or railroad crossing at grade dispatcher must give permission for what?
    Make a reverse movement or a foward movement after a reverse movement is made
  6. What is required to enter into a control point?
    Train must not enter/foul signaled track without SIGNAL INDICATION and/or PERMISSION FROM THE DISPATCHER
  7. Define control signal
    Signals that govern the use of the routes of a controlled point whose indications will authorize the trains movement
  8. When not permitted to clear up at a hand-operated switch, what should be done?
    Train must leave part of the train on the connecting signaled track or leave switch points open until work is complete
  9. What are two different ways to clear up at a hand-operated switch in signaled territory?
    • If the maximum speed over the switch is 20mph or less.
    • If the switch is equipped with a signal or electric lock
  10. When in ABS territory who may report clear of a hand-operated switch or crossover to the dispatcher?
    The conductor, engineer, and/or member of the crew authorized by the conductor or engineer.
  11. When in 261 territory and a reverse movement is neeted beyond the limits what is required?
    VERBAL permission from the dispatcher.
  12. When making the reverse movement beyond the limit in 261 territory at what speed should this move be made?
    Restricted speed until reaching a signal, then max speed after passing the signal not exceeding 30 mph.
  13. When in 251 territory a train needs to make a reverse movement inside a Form W, who should give permission?
    Dispatcher and employee in charge.
  14. When in ABS territory and a reverse movement is needed how should movement be made/protected?
    • If train recieves permission from the dispatcher then an employee can be at/on the rear when making the reverse movement.
    • Without permission from dispatcher the movement must have a crewmember providing protection for an opposing movement.
    • At all times movement should be made at restricted speed.
  15. When entering ABS territory between signals, how should the train proceed?
    Proceed at restricted speed until the entire train has entered the block and the leading wheels have passed the next block signal.
  16. When in ABS territory, after permission is received to operate a hand-operated switch equipped with electric lock how long should an employee wait before operating switch?
    Switch can be operated IMMEDIATELY after receiving permission.
  17. How long should employee wait prior to operating a hand-operated switch NOT eqiupped with a bolt lock/electric lock?
    • After receiving permission crew member should promptly operate the switch, wait 5 minutes.
    • If a train is seen/heard approaching the track before the 5 minutes has elapsed, switch must be lined back for normal position.
    • After opposing train has passed, permission must again be obtained from dispatcher to operate switch, then repeat the first few steps (wait 5 min, watch/listen for train, etc...).
  18. Before operating hand-operated switch not equipped with bolt lock / electric lock an opposing train is seen/heard, what should be done?
    Line the switch back in normal position (for the opposing train).
  19. When entering signal track in YARD LIMITS, what is required?
    Permission from the dispatcher and/or signal indication.
  20. While in YARD LIMITS, how should crew member report clear of main track to dispatcher?
    PROMPTLY report clear to dispatcher.
  21. While in YARD LIMITS how should trains operate?
    All movements must be made at CONTROLLED SPEED not exceeding 20 mph until the leading end reaches the far limits.
  22. When in 251 territory, what is the speed limit when making a reverse move going beyond block limits?
    30 mph.
  23. Where do ABS rules apply?
    Where designated by Special Instructions, Dispatcher Messages, or EC-1.
  24. What is required to enter into ABS territory?
    Dispatcher permission and/or signal indication.
  25. When operating a hand-operated switch in 261 territory what must be included when permission is received from the dispatcher?
    When verbal permission is given to enter 261 territiory, the permission must include an AUTHORIZED DIRECTION OF MOVEMENT.
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