B767-400 LOD Primary Flight Display

  1. What does the color green represent on the FMA?
    Mode is active
  2. What does a green box mean on the FMA? (flight mode annucator)
    Mode change is emphasis (10 sec)
  3. What does the color white mean on the FMA?
    Mode is armed
  4. Name the three locations that the localizer, glide slope pointers and diviation scales are displayed.
    • -PFD (primary flight director)
    • -ND (nav display)
    • -standby ADI with standby ILS selected
  5. On the AFDS (auto flight display system) (score board) what does CMD and FD mean?
    • CMD- Command, an Autopilot is engaged
    • FD- Flight director - FD is turned ON on the associated side
  6. During Take off what are the pitch and roll commands giving you?
    • Pitch- indicates and initial pitch of aprox 8 degrees up.
    • after takeoff- to maintain:V2 + 15 or lift off speed +15
    • (if current speed remains above the target for 5 sec, target airspeed resets to current airspeed. max V2 + 25)
    • -if you change the airspeed in the window, will pitch for that airspeed
    • Roll -Aircraft takes a "snapshot" ground track at liftoff and provides steering commands to maintain that ground track until a new roll mode is selected.
  7. During Go Around what do the Pitch and Roll mode give you?
    • Pitch - When go around initiated, to commanded speed is the MCP IAS/MAch window or current airspeed, whichever is higher.
    • If the airspeed increases and remains above the initial target airspeed for 5 sec, target airspeed resets to current airspeed to and max of window speed + 25 knots.
    • If the airspeed at initiation is greater than IAS/Mach window plus 25, that speed is maintained.

    Roll- when Go Around switches are pushed, guidance is to maintain the present ground track
  8. In flight when is the roll mode armed for a Go Around?
    flaps out of up or at glideslope capture
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