Symbolism and the Scarybin

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  1. Who was a classmate of Scriabin at teh Moscow Conservatory
  2. What genres of Chopin did Scariabin reproduce in hi early music
    Mazurkas, Sonatas, Preludes, Etudes, and Nocturnes
  3. Which piece did Scriabin use as a inspiration for symbolist art
    Wagners Tristan and Isolde
  4. How did Scriabin create a series of Dominant type chords
    Flattening the 5th of each dominant 7th
  5. What was teh effect of Scriabin flattening the 5th of each dominant 7th
    It gave the chord two tritones instead of 1, (tritone being the center of tension) - because each each chord was equal to the dominant tritone away, he was able to add 9ths, 11th and 13ths
  6. How did Scriabin make harmony in his music effective
    In slow music, he used irregular textures spreading the chord through the piano range so that the tritone is  usually clearly heard either in the bass or top two voices
  7. How does Scriabin weaken his pulse
    With fluctuations int he tempo while the chords changed softly.. in fast paced music the texture was set AFLAME
  8. Who was Scriabin's intended audience?
  9. Who was the founder the of Theosophical Society? 
    Madame Blavatsky
  10. What did Theosophy follow
    To create a universal brotherhood to discover the mysteries of nature and realize the hidden potential of the human
  11. What is a "Luce" 
    A special keyboard designed to operate off colored lights corresponding to harmonic changes 
  12. What is Scriabin's magnum opus
  13. What is the haunting call of the opening chorus of Scriabin's Prometheus also called
  14. What is typical of Scriabin's melodies? Where can this be seen first in his Prometheus 
    • Short melodic fragments which he repeats in a rising or falling sequence
    • At the beginning of the extract with a seductive woodwind phrase ending on a trill 
  15. What is set in motion during the fanfare theme in Prometheus  
    the whole orchestra; the orchestral bells, ecstatic horn calls, and other instruments that represent flames
  16. When everything falls quite in Prometheus, what instrument do we hear? 
    a solo violin with another seductive theme
  17. What is the final chord in Prometheus
    A F#-Major triad with six sharps, which is suitable of otherworldly figures in the symbolist mind
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