Old Final Exam, part 2

  1. Which of the following performs both endocrine and exocrine functions?

    • D) pancreas
    • -contains both the endocrine hormones (ie insulin) and exocrine enzymes (ie trypsin, pancreatic lipase, etc)
  2. Functions of proteins include

    D) providing structural strength in connective tissue
  3. When glucose is metabolized in the absence of oxygen, one of the end products is

    C) lactic acid
  4. The mitochondria are the sites of

    D) the citric acid cycle
  5. Hypoventilation would cause

    C) respiratory acidosis
  6. The primary role of the carbonic acid-bicarbonate buffer system is to

    C) prevent pH changes caused by organic and fixed acids
  7. Metabolic acidosis can be

    A) all of these
  8. The process that uses aminoacids and glycerol to form glucose is

    D) gluconeogenesis
  9. A poiltically active student decides to go on a hunger strike for a favorite cause. After 5 days of fasting, you would expect to find

    D) elevated glucocorticoid levels
  10. The absorptive state

    B) occurs immediately after meals
  11. The network of capillaries that is lovated in Bowman's capsule is called the

    B) glomerulus
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