spain and portugal

  1. mediterrainean diet?
    little amount of meat
  2. spanish agricultural exports?
    • fruits
    • vegetables
    • olive and olive oil
    • grains
    • sugar beets
  3. who influence spain?
    the Moors of south africa
  4. what did the moors bring?
    • potatos
    • tomatoes
    • chocolate
    • marzipan
  5. a confection made of almond paste and sugar
  6. del pueblo?
    • food for the people
    • simple
    • fresh ingredients
    • basic methods
  7. prominent ingredients
    • parsley
    • saffron
    • garlic
    • olive oil
  8. spanish stew of vegetables, beef, lamb, ham, poultry, spicy sausage, beans and starch
  9. piece of equipment used in the technique of simmering food
    copperdomed cooking pot
  10. tapas
    spanish appetizer
  11. examples of tapas?
    • toasted almonds
    • scallops
    • marinated mushrooms
    • anchovies
    • bunelitas
    • empanadillas
    • banderillas
    • pinchos
  12. bunelitos?
    sugar donut
  13. empanadillas?
    stuffed with meat or veggies and fried
  14. sweet pickle, hot jalopeno olives, hot pepper, red pepper and pearl onions
  15. meat, shrimp, onion, ham, red pepper
    grilled foods
    • pinchos
    • **kinda like a kabob
  16. salad comes _____ tapas
  17. 15 minute soup
    sopa al cuarto de hora
  18. garlic soup?
    sopa de ajo
  19. gazpacho?
    cold soup of pureed vegetables
  20. garlic mayonnaise?
  21. a dark spicy, pork sausage spiced with garlic peppers and juniper berries and smoked and dried
  22. dish of rice and seasoned with saffron and mixed with meat and seafood
  23. half dozen kinds of shell fish plus almonds and hazelnuts
  24. pan de santa teresa
    • spanish breads
    • *french toast
  25. friend sugar breads in oil
  26. spanish vegetables are served as?
    a seperate course
  27. typical spanish vegetables?
    • artichokes
    • cauliflower
    • eggplant
  28. pulses?
    • dried beans
    • lentils
    • chickpeas
  29. unusual spanish fruits from the canary islands?
    • cherimoya
    • blood orange
    • tamarillo
    • dragon fruit
  30. cherimoya?
    cross between apple and pear
  31. moor desserts?
    • flan
    • custard filled sponge cakes
  32. flan?
    baked custard covered with caramel
  33. how many meals a day?
  34. breakfast?
  35. thin pastry fried in deep fat is a popular breakfast
  36. 2nd meal of day?
  37. what time is almuerzo
    11 o'clock
  38. 3rd meal of the day?
  39. what is comida?
    • main meal of the day
    • 2 or 2 o'clock
  40. 4th meal of the day?
  41. what time is merienda?
    • around 6 o'clock
    • light snacks
  42. 5th meal of the day?
    • cena
    • around 9 o'clock
    • light meal
  43. iced drink made with red wine, sugar, fruit juice, soda water and spices
  44. malaga?
    brown color and a sweet taste
  45. what is the difference between spain and portugal's food?
    portugal is more spicy than spain
  46. cinnamon, black pepper and curry powder
    • piri-piri
    • (portuguese dish)
  47. staple at every meal in portugal?
  48. a fish that frequently appears in traditional portuguese cooking
    salted cod
  49. vegetable soup consisting of finely shredded kale and mashed potatoes in a broth seasoned with garlic and pepper
    caldo verde
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