1. What are the techniques for managing stress?
    • -build social support systems
    • -develop communication skills
    • -exercise regularly
    • -get enough sleep
    • -eat a nutritious diet
    • -manage your time effectively
    • -change your perceptions of stressors
    • -create a personal stress management plan
    • -practice relaxation techniques
  2. Effective Time Management
    • set priorities
    • schedule tasks for times of peak efficiency
    • set, write down, and visualize realistic goals
    • budget time
    • break up long-term goals into short-term ones
    • learn to say "No"
    • be task oriented
    • take breaks and enjoy free time
    • delegate responsibilities
    • avoid procrastination
  3. Time Management
    • the prioritizing, scheduling, and execution of one's responsibilities
    • -conduct a time audit
    • -prioritize your activities
    • -develop and action plan
  4. Managing Stress- Know thyself
    • Locus of Control
    • -phychological concept referring to a person's beliefs about underlying causes of life's events
    • Internal Control
    • -Outcomes are contigent on a person's actions
    • External Control
    • -Outcomes are determined by events or forces outside personal control
  5. Dealing with the Challenge of Stress
    • Recognize signs of stress
    • Find an enjoyable outles
    • Seek control, but be realistic
    • Find social support through strong relationships
  6. Stress Management Techniques
    • Deep breathing
    • progressive muscle relaxation
    • visualization
    • meditation
    • physical activity
  7. Relaxation Techniques
    • progressive muscle relaxation
    • visualization
    • meditation
    • deep/controlled breathing
    • biofeedback. Low tone vocal
    • Yoga
    • Aerobic Exersize
    • Laughter
  8. Goal of Relaxation Techniques
    Shut off stimulation of sympathetic branch of nervous system
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