1. liver
    this is the largest internal organ in the pigs body. its dark brown. upper area. four main lobes
  2. Gallbladder
    lower lobe of the liver in to witch the umbilical vein enters  lower surface of the lobe. greenish brown. this stores bile wtch helps digest fat
  3. small intestine
    narrow coiled tube that occupies the majority of the space not occupies by the liver in the abdominal cavity. the SI is held in position in the body cavity by a special type of epthal tissue called mesentry( looks like thin , clear plastic) the SI  is longer, but more narrow than the large I.
  4. Larger Intestine ( colon)
    a series of coil that are larger in diameter taht the coils of the SI thay appear to be fused together. They are shorter, but wider that the SI
  5. Pancreas
    Embedded in mesentery near the stomach underneath the coils of the SI is the Pancreas. it is a  broad, thin orgaan having a globular texture and is almost white in color. this is very difficult to find.
  6. Stomach
    the stomach is a soft pouch lying on the pigs left side ( your right) between the liver and the SI
  7. Spleen
    the Spleen is a dark colored, fingerlike projection that folds across the left side ( your ringth) of the adominal cavity between the syomach and the LI
  8. Kidneys
    on both right and left sides, and the beanshaped kidneys will be visible. they lies against the dorsal (back) body wall and are light brown in color
  9. Urinary Bladder
    the UB stores urine that is filterd from the blood by the kidneys. it is located between the umbilical arteries along the section of the body wal that supports the umbilical cord
  10. Diaphragm
    this is a thin muscle that forms a dome-shaped seal between the thoric and abdominal cavites. it is locaded immeddialy above the liver. this is the muscle that controls breathing.
  11. Lungs
    this organ is locaded on eaither side of the heart. it is composed of 7 lobes - 3 on the left side 4 on the right. it is responsible for getting oxygen to the blood and removing dioxide from the blood. they are spongy
  12. Trachea
    this is the wind pipe found in the neck area. carries oxygen to the lungs and carbon D . made out od cartilage springy
  13. LARYNX
    THIS STUTE IS LOCATED along the T it is the voice box.
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