Staff bios pt. 2

  1. When did Lieutenant Colonel Payne enlist in the Army?
    July 1973, three weeks after his high school graduation
  2. How many years did LTC Payne serve as an enlisted man?
  3. LTC Payne obtained the rank of Staff Sergeant, having served in the ___, ___, and as a ___
    • 82nd Airborne Division
    • 3rd U.S. Infantry (The Old Guard)
    • Drill Sergeant
  4. When did LTC Payne graduate from Officers' Candidate School?
    August 1980
  5. LTC Payne served in the ___ and the ___ before attending graduate school.
    • 82nd Airborne Division
    • Berlin Brigade
  6. Where did LTC Payne attend graduate school?
    University of Georgia
  7. In 1990, LTC Payne reported to ___, where he taught Military History
    U.S. Military Academy
  8. After West Point, LTC Payne served as the ___ for the Army's Special Operations Command
    Deputy Chief of Current Operations
  9. LTC Payne served as ___, ___, and ___ when he was assigned to the 3rd Brigade in the 82 Airborne Division.
    Brigade logistical officer, battalion executive officer, and brigade executive officer
  10. After four more years at For Bragg, LTC Payne was reassigned as ___ to Oklahoma State University.
    Professor of Military Science
  11. Until when did LTC Payne serve as the Professor of Military Science at Oklahoma State University?
  12. In June 2000, where was LTC Payne reassigned?
    The Pentagon
  13. What did LTC Payne serve as when he was assigned to the Pentagon?
    A resource analyst on the Army staff in the office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations
  14. How many years of active federal service did LTC Payne have before he retired?
  15. When did LTC Payne retire from the Army as a Lieutenant Colonel?
    July 1, 2001
  16. LTC Payne holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in ___
    Social Sciences
  17. Where did LTC Payne get his Bachelor's Degree?
    Campbell University
  18. What did LTC Payne get his Master's Degree?
    University of Georgia
  19. LTC Payne has a Master of Arts Degree in ___
  20. Who is LTC Payne married to?
    The former Rosemarie Mazzoni, of Toms River, NJ
  21. What are the names of LTC Payne's children?
    Jason, Jennifer, Meghan, Joshua
  22. When did Lt Col Russell graduate from the University of Colorado at Boulder?
  23. Lt Col Russell received his commission through ___.
    Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps
  24. Lt Col Russell first served as ___.
    A MInuteman II Intercontinental Ballistic Missile combat crew commander
  25. In 1994, Lt Col Russell cross-trained as an ___.
    Aircraft maintenance officer
  26. Lt Col Russell held various flight line officer positions in ___
    Air Mobility Command units
  27. Which two squadrons did Lt Col Russell command?
    • The 92nd Maintenance Operations Squadron at Fairchild AFB, WA
    • The 723rd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron at Moody AFB, GA
  28. Lt Col Russell served 3 years as ___ leading independent technical assessments of aging aircraft for senior USAF leadership.
    Deputy Director of the Air Force Fleet Viability Board
  29. What was Lt Col Russell's final assignment as?
    Deputy Commander for the 55th Maintenance Group at Offutt AFB, NE.
  30. How many years in the Air Force did Lt Col Russell serve?
  31. When did Lt Col Russell retire from active duty?
    August 2012
  32. Lt Col Russell's decorations include:
    • Meritorious Service Medal with five oak leaf clusters
    • The Air Force Commendation Medal with two oak leaf clusters
  33. Lt Col Russell received a Masters Degree in Political Science from where and when?
    University of South Dakota in 1994
  34. What degree did Lt Col Russell receive from Air University in 2005?
    Master of Military Operational Art and Science degree
  35. Who is Lt Col Russell married to?
    The former Carolyn Schuster of Philadelphia, PA
  36. What is Lt Col Russell's daughter's name?
  37. COL Miller served over __ years in the Regular Army
  38. COL Miller commanded at all levels through ___.
  39. COL Millers served as commander of ___ for four years
    The Data Systems Unit of the White House Communications Agency
  40. COL Miller's military education includes
    • Armor Officer Basic
    • Field Artillery Officer Advance Course
    • Command and General Staff Officer's Course
    • The Army War College
  41. COL Miller holds a Masters degree in Educational Technology from ___
  42. Where did COL Miller get his Masters Degree?
  43. COL Miller holds a Masters degree in Computer Resource Management from where?
    Webster University
  44. COL Miller got his Ph.D in Instructional Design and Technology from where?
    Virginia Tech
  45. How many children does COL Miller have?
  46. How many grandchildren does COL Miller have?
  47. What is COL Miller's wife's name?
  48. Where does COL Miller and his wife live?
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