Poly sci exam 2

  1. the 2000 U.S presidential election was noteworthy because

    B) George w. Bush won the Elecoral College vote while losing the popular vote.
  2. After the election of 1800, the voting process in the Electoral College was clarified so that a tie vote or a split ticket would be less likel to esult. this was accomplished by

    D) the Twelfth amendment to the U.S Constitution
  3. the is a winner-take-all model used for presidential elections in forty-eight out of the fifty states.

    B) unit rule
  4. The single largest expansion of the American electorate occurred as a result of the

    D) nineteenth amendment
  5. The scandal that led to the resignation of president richard nixon was known as

    C) watergate
  6. The supreme court ruled that campaign expenditures are akin to free speech and are therefore protected by the first amendment in the case of

    A) Buckley v. Valeo
  7. the federal Election campaign act was signed into law by president

    B) richard nixon
  8. Senator john McCain was a o-author of the

    E) bipartisan campaign reform act
  9. limits on soft money donations to political parties were imposed by the

    D) 2002 bipartisan campaign reform act
  10. Elections held by political parties in order to select their nominees are referred to as

    D) primary elections
  11. the _____ primary, is a system in which voters are allowed to participate in the primary election without declaring membership in a party

    B) open
  12. In a ______ primary, used in most states, voters pick delegates who are pledged to support a
    particular candidate

    A) binding
  13. in a(n) system, rank-and-file party members attend neighborhood meetings, share ideas and concerns about particular candidates, and cast a ballot for pledged delegates to attend a statewide meeting.

    E) nomination caucus
  14. Which two states are normally afforded the privilege of holding the first primary and caucus in the presidential election cycle?

    B) lowa and New Hampshire
  15. An officeholder can be successfully recalled:

    D) if a simple majority votes for the recall
  16. Once an initiative has passed it can only be changed or invalidated by:

    C) another initiative or a legal challenge
  17. Proposition 13 was an initative to amend the state constitution regarding:

    B) taxation, particularly property taxes
  18. a complsory referendum is a procedure that
    requires taht all debts in excess of $3 million and all constitutional amendments be put to a public vote.
  19. The conscience model of representation is what we might call

    B) the "pillow" test"
  20. In order to serve in the U.S Senate, a person must be a citizen of the u.S for how many years?

    D) 9 years
  21. U.S senators have been directly elected by the people since the tatification of the

    B) seventeenth amendment
  22. The use of Congressional power to charter a national bank is an example of congress use of the

    C) necessary and proper clause
  23. When the boundaries of an electoral district are drawn to secure a patisan advantage, ______ is said to have occurred

    A) gerrymandering
  24. the process of reallocating the number of seats assigned to each state in theU.S house of representatives based on changes in the population of the states is known as

    a) redistricting
    b( reapportionment
    c( reallocation
    d( redistribution
    e) reconciliation
    b) reapportionment
  25. There are ____ members of the U.S house of representatives

    C) 435
  26. in the congress, joint committees are

    A) empowered to conduct oversight or research
  27. The requirement that all bills be refered to committee before being considered by the body of the whole was established by

    D) the 194 legislative reorganization act
  28. the process of reviewing and revising a prposed piece of legislation by a committee is generally referred to as

    A) markup
  29. the house committee responsible for establishing the terms and conditions of debate on a bill is the

    C) rules committee
  30. the responsibility of the congress to review the federal bureaucracy's implementation of federal law is generally referred to as

    D) oversight
  31. Responsibility for referring bills to specific committees in the U.S House of representatives generally fails to the

    D) speaker of the house
  32. what U.S senator conducted the longest filbustering speech in American history in 1957?

    A) strom thrumond
  33. a senator who wants to stop debate and vote o a bil can attempt to

    E) invoke cloture
  34. the deference to seniority expected by new members of the senate is sometimes referred to as te

    D) apprenticership norm
  35. federal money and programs that largely or wholly benefit just one state or congressional district are often referred to as

    C) earmarks
  36. in the context of the Congressional legislative process, logroling refers to the

    C) reciprocal exchange of support for legislation
  37. in 2007 the annual base pay of a california legislator was

    B) $113,098
  38. proposition 140:

    D) limited the terms of office for California state legislators
  39. Which of the following would be an example of a juice bill?

    D) legislation giving a particular corporation a tax break
  40. the speaker pro tempore:

    E) presides over assembly floor sessions in the absence of the speaker
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